500headshot005Kristofer teaches many different seminars whose individual sessions also act as breakout sessions for conferences and conventions, and can customize one from scratch for your organization’s needs. The current seminars are listed below, all based on a 45 – 75 minute allotment of time for each session:

ATTENTION YOUTH GROUPS AND YOUNG ADULT ORGANIZATIONS: All of the ManHusbandDad productions are customized for age-appropriate presentation. You can be confident that our presentations are pertinent and relatable, and never (regardless of age, maturity, or gender) contain inappropriate language, material, or media.

MULTIPLE WEEKDAY EVENING “MISSIONS” AND “BUSY PERSON” RETREATS: Each of the multi-session Seminars can be delivered and presented in a multiple evening/multi-day format during the week. For general scheduling guidance, note that each “Session” would constitute one evening’s worth of material, so four sessions would take four nights. Often multi-night missions begin with a Sunday presentation from the pulpit or ambo (if done for a church) during Sunday services by Kristofer to introduce the concept of the coming event and tease with some ideas about what will be happening diring those weeknights.

  • Man Up! Living The Twelve Righteous Virtues: This one day seminar covers the virtues required of a Man. They are the pillars of the ManHusbandDad and remain the guiding principles of his every moment of life. Defining these virtues and practical advice on how to practice them – and why to practice them – are the message of this series of seminars. This seminar can also be done on multiple evenings for churches or groups.


  • 500headshot009Becoming a Man by Pursuing Moral Clarity: This half-day seminar explores the idea of being a Man and “Manliness” along with “Masculinity” and how every Man is called to raise to their unique level – their aptitude – of being a Man. Participants explore and begin to discern what being a Man is based on their aptitudes – not someone else’s or society’s. Then they are challenged to achieve that level, finding Moral Clarity as they do. Men are called to BE all they CAN be, not what is artificially or externally imposed upon them. While this may appear as a cop-out, it actually shows a Man how much more he can BE if he measures himself against God’s expectations, using what God gave him, to be the Man God wants him to BE. This seminar can also be done on multiple evenings for churches or groups.


  • headshot001Decision Time: Are You a Man or a Slave?:  This seminar has several vocation-specific sessions focusing on the second part of being a ManHusbandDad: Discerning whether a Man is called to be a Husband, Single, or Consecrated. These topics are often provided in conjunction with the Man seminars listed above, but can be incorporated into weekend meetings, retreats, and conferences that are focused on any of these three vocations. The first session introduces the idea of discerning the vocation, and the sessions listed after are specific to that vocation.
    • Session One: Where have all the good Men gone?
      • This session looks at society’s view of men as a whole and how they are being pigeonholed into roles and forced into decisions without their permission or even awareness. It helps break the stereotypes that men are bombarded with constantly, to help them see that good Men are still needed, and they are needed in one of three vocations as our culture stumbles forward – or spirals downward.
    • Session Two: Husbandry: Is it for the Animal in you?
      • This session explores the current societal expectations and limits placed on Husbands – from Media to the Church – and then explodes with a dizzying amount of positives related to being a Husband. For Husbands and those discerning Marriage, this session is a veritable force of earth-moving motivation that leaves a Man proud of his vocation if he’s already there and certain to see it in a different light if he is discerning it. Tools and discussion make for a highly interactive combination for all participants.
    • Session Three: Is Only the New Lonely?
      • The Single life is a difficult one to discern. As a compendium or add-on session to the above or any weekend retreat or conference, this intimate look at how society defines “single” and how God glorifies Single takes the participant through a serious look at what might be holding them back from discerning the Single vocation – and then flattens the objections with a dose of reality. This session makes every effort to remove the tainted glasses a Man may be looking through so that he can seriously see the ups and downs of the Single life – which are surprisingly similar to the ups and downs of the Married life!
    • Session Four: Fathers best know!
      • ManHusbandDad, by definition, is ill-qualified to help Men discern the Priesthood or Religious Life. This session instead focuses participants on a humorous look at what other Men perceive Priests, Brothers, and others to be going through, and then splashes a does of reality on it while at the same time reveals to those Men discerning this vocation what Men really think of their Spiritual Leaders: Admiration, awe, and willingness to provide for their Father’s needs. This session is a great opportunity for those serious retreats and weekends that need a bit of brevity and humor while not straying from the theme or spirit of this special discernment period.


  • 500headshot007Are You Man Enough to be a Husband? This seminar runs for an entire day, and can either be piggy-backed on one or both of the Man seminars above or treated as a standalone with an introduction to the Twelve Righteous Virtues and Moral Clarity. Being a Husband relies on these virtues and aptitudes and expands upon them, so they are explored in the context of a Man having discerned that he should be a Husband. This is a great series for Men’s Weekends and conferences, and can also be incorporated into weekend events geared towards women but with activities available for men. This seminar can also be done on multiple evenings for churches or groups.
    • The sessions are customized for your theme based on the topics covered in Man, Husband, and Dad on this site.


  • 500headshot008Customized Sessions and Seminars: Some organizations prefer customized sessions – sometimes only focusing on one Virtue or Aptitude, or specific application for their demographic –  industry, age, station in life, etc. – and we encourage your inquiry is this appeals to you. Typically customization from the ground up does not cost any extra if we know we can modify it for a broader audience later. Exclusive. one-time customization that is not re-purposed after presenting for your organization is available as well.