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January 1, 2016

Today was Goal day. I write about it here.

I set the groundwork for many sacrifices in those goals, but I’m not sure I can fairly say that doing so was itself a sacrifice.

Hmmm… On second thought, I sacrificed my Ego.

Men are naturally inclined to put their best foot forward, or at least the appearance of doing so, in front of their children. Sitting down to write out Goals is an exercise of faith and humility, but it also requi9res checking my ego at the door, so that I can honestly accept the constructive criticism and guidance of my Wife and children during this time.

Asking Mama and The Boyz what they think I need to work on, and how they think I did with my goals from last year, requires me to take the puff out of my shoulders and listen without being defensive. They know me best. They know what I can do and where I have failed to meet those Four Natural Aptitudes. It is from those that my Goals spring, so I need to know how I am doing and if what I plan is reasonable.

Having discussion with Mama, where we banter a bit and criticize in a loving environment and manner, is important for The Boyz to see. They need to know that Daddy and Mama can disagree, lay things on the table, and come away with a decision or plan that puts the Marriage first before either one of us.

That takes sacrificing my ego a lot. Mama’s a natural. I’m an ogre.

So today I sacrificed my Ego. One small chip away at the giant hunk of stone called “me” to reveal a little more of the ManHusbandDad I am supposed to be.

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