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January 10, 2016

Labor. After ten days, it seems my sacrifices are all about Labor. I have a theory on why that is and I’m not too pleased with myself if it is true. But that’s for post-#40D4W evaluation…

But Labor it was today. I made dinner! And I did the dishes!

Today was Mama’s day – which happens once or twice a month – where she has to be at the Church for a majority of the daylight hours on Sunday, doing catechesis and faith formation. That’s part of her job as DRE.

So, she trundled off this morning at 8:00 and I woke up with every intention of making her an egg sandwich to take with her, but somehow the clock went from 8:00 to 9:17 before I happened to roll all the way out of bed. Erp! Not a good way to start the day!

Mama came home for a little while and I took our oldest boy out for the inauguration of his Becoming A Man process. When we got home, Mama went back to Church, and I kicked into gear on my specialty: Soup!

I can take just about anything and make soup out of it. And I’ll eat it, too. But this was a special soup – it was something for everyone to eat. Honestly, I make good soups that everyone likes. But if I don’t, I can guarantee that at least I will like it!

It was pretty simple – sausage, ground beef, vegetables, some peppercorns and a rub I like to use for flavor, and some garlic. Then we wait. The crock pot gets to enjoy it for a long time.

I know Mama feels good coming home to a nice smell of cooking food. While it makes her tummy happy, I know it also makes her feel good knowing she doesn’t have to whip something up after a long day. And she certainly has long days! This one was no different, with only ten of the thirty in her First Communion class showing up, and all but three in her later catechesis class showing up. Grrr…. For that I had to give her up all day…

We went to Mass and by the time we were home at 7:00, the crock pot was done and soup was on! Mama made some cornbread muffins (I don’t know how she did it…I just saw her open the oven and pull out a tray of muffins after we had been at the Church for ninety minutes…) and we sat down to dinner.

The soup was a hit. Everybody ate it. And there’s a gallon left over, which will probably be in my belly before Wednesday. I like soup. So when I make it, I make sure there are leftovers.

And yes, it’s a big crock pot. I got it for Christmas one year.

Because I like soup.

Tomorrow is back to school for our Home Schooled Boyz. This has sacrifice written all over it…

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