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January 12, 2016

Well, I know I said on Fridaythat I was going to take on Mama’s side of the closet – which is a lot less needy in that area than my side was – but I decided to make the circuit through our bedroom before hitting the closet again, because some of the stuff in the bedroom needed to be in the closet. So I figured everything that I need to take care of in the closet ought to be there before I get a wild hair and arrange everything just to find out a major item needs to go in – ruining all my planning and cleaning.

Really, it’s not an excuse. Based on what I did today, the closet just might be a safe place! Just don’t tell the crybabies at the University of Missouri or Yale, or they’ll want to come be safe in my closet…

I digress…

Christmas gift wrapping happens in our bedroom. And the residual scraps of wrapping paper, tape, cards and bows wind up there, too. So, piled on top of the mess that I had created when I had temporarily moved my office into the bedroom (don’t ever do that) was all the Christmas flotsam. It made the corner of the room between Mama’s dresser and her antique vanity look like a war zone, which you see as soon as you walk into the room. And very little of it was Mama’s doing.

So I Labored about two hours and got everything taken care of. I moved the shelf that was the final leftover from my office to the pantry, where we can store Mama’s baking stuff (making it easier to get to and now maybe we can have some goodies twice a week instead of the usual once!) and got the books and files in a more appropriate place – like where they belong.

I also cleared off the dresser and vanity – including dusting! – which had both become flat spaces for a lot of stuff, including unsent Christmas cards from LAST year – 2014, not 2015 – and a few family photos we never sent my siblings from longer ago than that! So I started a “memories and memorabilia” box for both of us to use together. We each have one in the closet, and this one is kind of ours together, even though the house is that already. But these are old cards, certificates, kids’ drawings, etc., that we should keep but don’t need to be on display. I even found two years’ worth of our family and individuals goals that I put in the box… And then there’s the $30 in gift cards to a local restaurant!

Mama came upstairs when she got home and said she hadn’t realized our room was so big, and she was very pleased.

It is kind of nice.

Uh, oh. Tomorrow is Laundry Day – again – already? I had other plans…

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