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January 13, 2016

Today was my father’s birthday. He would have been 76. It’s always a melancholy day for me, mostly because I still dwell on what wasn’t.

Anyhoo, I’m still laboring for Mama. That’s definitely the Sacrifice theme for this #40D4W.

Today, still in the bedroom, I worked on Mama’s side of the bed. Like anybody who has a life, our bed area gets cluttered with things we bring upstairs meaning to look at while changing clothes – from Voter Registration Cards and Driver License renewals and Proposed Dental Treatments to Church bulletins, receipts, and old calendars.

And then there are the books. Mama’s a voracious reader, and even though most of her books are on her Nook, there are plenty of hard copies!

Oh, and a throw pillow from the couch downstairs because Mama lent one of her pillows to my middle boy who missed the fluffy pillow from his grandparents’ house…

No, Mama is not a slob. Far from it. If it weren’t for me, her house would be impeccable. All I did was straighten things up and toss a few things in the trash, and put some things where they belonged so she could find them without having to trip on them on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Speaking of bathroom – I also replaced the broken toilet seat hinge bolts in our bathroom. For the first time in two years Mama can sit on the commode without it slipping a little to one side. That’s where the title of this post comes from…those things are, by far, the nastiest part of the toilet. Which makes them the nastiest part of the bathroom. Which makes them the nastiest part of the house.

You see where I’m going with this? And you know why they are nasty, right? Well, there’s only one person who stands up to pee in that bathroom… That picture above is after cleaning, before removal.

Anyhoo, we’ll see if Mama notices. At this point, it’s kind of fun to see that she hasn’t seen everything, or maybe not noticed it.

She did say tonight – remember, it’s Laundry Day which, yes, I did again – that she was feeling like a slug because I was doing everything. I said that I was just doing my chores which meant she didn’t have to do everything like she always has before. She said I was right, she did do everything, which is why she felt like a slug for not doing anything now.

Well, if that hottie is a slug, I’m a dung beetle turd!

I also put one of those thank you labels on her computer. A mentor and hero of hers died suddenly today, so she probably didn’t notice. It was a sad night.

Pray for Michael Hoke. He was a great ManHusbandDad!

[Update: I just went upstairs to pray with Mama. She’s noticed the thank you labels.]

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