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January 17, 2016

I’m afraid today wasn’t much of a sacrifice. I could say I stayed out of Mama’s way, and let her have the whole day with The Boyz all to herself – but that’s just because I was awake until 5:30 this morning from last night and slept until 2:20 this afternoon.

The time with The Boyz IS important and Mama does not get as much as she might because of her work. They had a good time, mostly, but she was ready to be home!

The evening was relaxing and we played a game. That was kind of tough on my middle son because he wasn’t getting easy questions (It’s a trivia board game about the United States) and he was tired. All of us were.

Today was just a day. I was in my pajamas all day. Hopefully I will be rested for this week – I haven’t been sleeping well.

Maybe making Sunday a day of rest was a good idea, Lord.

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