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January 18, 2016

Today I labored. It wasn’t much, but it was important. Probably more important to me than Mama, but I believe that if it is important to one of us, it is important to both of us – even if one doesn’t know.

I fixed the fireplace.

Our fireplace is a gas fireplace. I like that, even though I am big on wood fires and have a fire pit outside (as opposed to inside, I guess), gas fireplaces are easier to light (we have a remote!), maintain (Hmmm…what ashes?) and keep going (“Here, let me put another log on the…oh, wait…”)

So what’s to fix, you ask?

The “logs” were wonky. So much so that they caused the flame to go to one side – at least primarily – and blocked the heat. Let alone to my OCD self they were just un-natural.

In other words…wonky.

I think they moved over the last year. Maybe because the metal logs heat and expand, they sort of shifted silently and slowly. Certainly I did not set them up the way they were when I decided to move them. But they had gotten in the way of the primary purpose of a fireplace (at least in our home): To heat.

The fact that the fire looked wonky was secondary. But it was an indication of where the heat was going: Towards the television…not the rest of the room.

It’s a big room, 20 by 15 feet. It’s the family room, so a lot of time is spent there by – can you guess? – the family. And Mama LOVES the fireplace and the fire. She reads, watches random home or cooking shows, or just rests in the family room. It is not uncommon for her to come home and say she just wants to sit by the fire.

Just so you know, the wonky flame that heated the television is exactly opposite of where Mama sits.

I changed that.

Interestingly, I do not have to use the portable electric heater at my computer in the next room because the fireplace is now doing its job.

Mama was there when I moved logs. No response from her yet.

But, again, doing something that was important to me means it was important to both of us – meaning our Marriage. And I think Mama is enjoying it without really knowing it…


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