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January 3, 2016

Today’s sacrifice was a bit unintended. Not sure I can say it was much, but it was Time.

We came home from visiting Mama’s family over the last few days in San Antonio. I truly love Mom & Dad, and I get a hoot from being around the Hemriquez family – Michael is Beth’s older sister’s husband and he and I get along great. It’s no coincidence that he is a devout Catholic as well, and so are all ten of his kids. His wife is my Godmother, too. When we did the chaos of yesterday’s family get together, Mom & Dad’s other two children and their families showed up, too.

I truly love them, as well. The one guy I don’t get along with – I don’t know why but for some reason he refused to shake my hand at my younger Brother-In-Law’s wedding a few years ago and I haven’t seen him since then– never comes to these family things anyway. So when Mama’s sister and brother and their families arrive, it really is fun conversation, but it is surface because there is discord in terms of belief systems, etc. I miss these two especially, because they were both still at home (seven years old and barely in high school, respectively) when I met their sister, and they are very much family to me. I hold out hope – and most of it probably has to do with me not holding grudges or otherwise being a dork. That’s part of that anger thing I’m working on as my major goal this year.

Anyway, that was yesterday. This is today.

I typically get a little perturbed when things get planned without me but I’m expected to follow the plan, and this happens a lot when we go to San Antonio. This time, in light of my goal and my 40 Days 4 Wife attempt, I gave into the time thing and just went with the flow.

It helps that I didn’t have anything to get home to do, except let the dog out and she has a bladder the size of Lake Titikaka with a Fort Knox cork so she wasn’t doing any damage. We usually leave after lunchtime, but Mama wanted to leave around 5PM. No sweat – it’s a three hour drive I can do in my sleep, and some swear I have.

I’ve gotten to the point of letting The Boyz pack the car (since I have expertly trained them in that) so I didn’t have to do anything but wait. Then Mom asked if we wanted to play a game. This was at 3:30, so no problem. But, by the time we settled down to play Farkle (my favorite swear word, by the way!), it was 4:15.

I knew we wouldn’t be leaving until well after 5:00.

So I purposefully shrugged off the coming delay, whereas before I may have actually moped while playing the game, having some self-righteous thought that nobody cares about me when things change (yep, I’m that bad). We played, my son won, and we got in the car at 6:00 PM.

Oh, well. There was no harm, and I could give Mama an extra hour with her family…

But truth be told, I enjoyed it, too. Mom and Dad truly are wonderful people who just happen to have a selfish, narcissistic grump for a Son-In-Law!

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