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January 4, 2016

Labor was the sacrifice of the day. I think it will be quite a bit these next few weeks. Today was a great day! I even have pictures!

I woke up this morning shortly after 6:00. That’s pretty early for me, but I was done sleeping. I showered and got downstairs. I needed to check all the bank stuff and business stuff after the long two weeks of holidays.

I knew pretty much what I wanted to do today. Clean Mama’s vanity area:


It’s a nice area, but we let it go a long time ago and just did not keep it clean and organized. Honestly, it’s Mama’s vanity, but I use it a lot and everything on the right side of that picture is mine. So Mama would have a clean vanity if I just took care of my own things! As part of our bedroom, it collects things while we’re trying to stay on top of three boys and our own lives. Sometimes I think the bedroom is to our house what the closet is to any of The Boyz’ bedrooms!

So I emptied one of the big trash cans and set to work right around lunchtime, while Mama was at work.

Here’s the “after”:


Part of my goal with #40D4W is to NOT tell Mama that I’ve sacrificed for her. The Lord knows and I know, and she knows when she finds out, but not through my coaxing.

So it was kind of fun to see her reaction when she came downstairs after putting her things away from work. It wasn’t a happy dance.

It was a little less-slumped shoulder, and a grateful smile.


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