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January 5, 2016

Since I took care of the vanity area yesterday, I figured I should take care of the bathroom next. And that helps me avoid the closet and the bedroom – which I know I have to do because God keeps reminding me!

So I organized the cabinet above the toilet and under the sink, throwing away some stuff and putting other things we don’t use often in a less busy spot. I moved the medicines to our medicine bag that we have for the whole house, except some of the grown up meds (Kids don’t really need Preparation H, do they?). And I ordered a new bag from Amazon – carrying around our medical stuff on trips or ready for bug-out in a diaper bag really doesn’t work for me anymore…

This was a sacrifice of Labor for the most part – which tells me that’s where I’m lacking in my Matrimonial Sacrifices. But it was an object lesson for me, too.

I noticed how the, umm, feminine products were under the sink, with the cleaners and toilet paper, and that bothered me. Why should my wife be relegated to putting things like that under the sink with those, when these things are part of the celebration of her Womanhood and Motherhood being a Woman and Mom? Why should she stoop down, at a time when that can be uncomfortable, just to keep space for me and other non-essentials handy in the upper cabinet? I didn’t like it, so I moved them.

Ours is not a high traffic bathroom – it’s just Mama and me. In fact, if The Boyz use it, they’ll be more likely to open the sink cabinet getting toilet paper or cleaning stuff. The only other people who have been in our bathroom are other ladies when circumstances required it.

So – while trying to be delicate here – I don’t think that the personal space I share with Mama needs to be relegated singularly to my razors and extra deodorant.

So it isn’t, now. And to top that off I sacrificed my Ego a bit and specifically went to the store and bought extras of some of those ladies’ things, because nobody likes running out for them and they shouldn’t have to ask their husband to at the last minute. I actually don’t mind buying those things – I was doing it for my sister when I was ten years old. I personally think it is a sign of maturity and love. This time was particularly interesting because that’s all I had to purchase and it was a young lady as my cashier. I walked away specifically feeling as if she were wistfully wishing she had a Man like me!

I don’t even know if Mama has noticed – I know she hasn’t noticed that I changed the starter on the fluorescent light fixture around our mirror so both lights work again – but I noticed, and that’s important. Mama is Queen of my life.

In every room of our castle.

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