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January 6, 2016

Today is Wednesday. It’s the first day of Religious Education at our Parish after the Christmas Break.

Guess whose Wife is the Director of Religious Education (DRE) at our Parish?

Yep. Mine.


My duties can be anywhere from nothing to everything, depending on what Mama needs or finds out she needs. She goes to work at lunchtime and doesn’t get home until I bring her and The Boyz home usually well after 8:00 PM.

[16 February 2016 NOTE: So I had several hundred words between the above paragraph and the below one, and figured after a few hours of it being published that perhaps my being straight-up honest wouldn’t be taken in the right vein by flks who might take offense if they thought I was alluding to them. So, I removed that text, even though there were no identifying statements in the piece. This would be exercising the virtue of Prudence. I did save the etext, because i think it can be related elsewhere in a general commentary, perhaps when the past is more past than it is at the present…]

I know that sounds a bit drastic and I am hyperbolizing a bit. It just fascinates me how people can expect their children to behave differently than they do. I don’t get it, and it frustrates me quite a bit. The point is the sacrifice: submitting my will to my Wife and her professional vocation and the higher calling of getting the message of faith to anyone who will listen.

Tomorrow is Laundry Day. Ugh!

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