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January 7, 2016

Today was Laundry Day.

Oh, Lord.

Laundry is a special kind of Hell. I think perhaps Jesus must have gone and done the Apostles’ laundry during those three days. There can be no worse Hell of the Seven I know about!

Laundry is to our Marriage as Voldemort is to The Ministry of Magic: That which shall not be named!

We knew from the outset of our engagement that laundry would be an issue – so much so Mama and I made a deal: She would do the laundry if I promised to do the dusting. I said “Yes!” to that about as fast as I said “Yes!” when she asked me to marry her. I learned a few things on that turnip truck I fell of of, and one of those was to never let an obviously good deal get by you!

The first time I did dusting after we were married was when I hired a housekeeper. This was December 2004. We had been married eight years.

Mama did laundry for us during our honeymoon.

Okay – say it. I’ll wait while you curse me to the Seven Hells. Just don’t curse me to Laundry Hell.

So my sacrifice today was lau-, I mean Labor.

We all have chores in the family. Mine and Mama’s are on one sheet, so The Boyz know that we are in this together. And while I do some, some of the time, you can tell by my goals for this year that I need to do all of them all of the time (Hey, I just remembered I did dishes Monday night, too! Woohoo!). Mama and I don’t do The Boyz’ laundry – they are responsible for that. I’m not sure I can ever do enough loads of our own to make up for the years Mama did everybody’s. Erk!

Mama has carried the slack and the slacker long enough. Today was my start on this dreadful chore. I haven’t dusted once since our wedding, except by proxy through the housekeeper and, after two years, The Boyz were dusting.

Anyway, that was my sacrifice. Please pray for me. And I wasn’t exactly perfect – I didn’t fold before Mama got home and she took it upon herself to fold. Probably a good thing. There’s a reason why every shirt and pants I own is on a hangar…

Hmm…now that I look at the chore chart, it seems like yesterday was actually our day to do our laundry.

I was in Hell longer than I thought.

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