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January 9, 2016

Today the Christmas lights came down. Christmas was officially over at sundown. Christmas ends on the Feast of The Baptism of Our Lord. Look it up!

My sacrifice today was Time. I suppose it could have been Labor, but I put up and take down the outside lights every year.

Relative to usual, I was up early. It’s a Saturday, but I was up at 8AM anyway. I wanted to get the lights down and, since The Boyz had all been praying for Daddy to be less stressed taking them down than putting them up, I decided to do it without their help. It was cold and windy, and they would not have enjoyed it, and it’s a lot easier taking them down than putting them up – three hours versus three days, respectively!

But I wanted to do it early, also, so that Mama would have me around during the day. Tomorrow is one of her all-day-at-the-Church days for various catechesis and faith formation, so we won’t see much of her before we go to Mass in the evening.

Even though there wasn’t much to do around the house – Mama and The Boyz take down the inside stuff – I was there, just being present. With the occasional “I love you” back and forth from different rooms – yes, Mama and I are mushy like that – and a kiss or hug or wink and nod while passing by each other makes for a nice day of just being present to each other. And you can’t do that if you sleep in and spend everybody else’s waking hours on the roof!

Oh, and I started the day by bringing a Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissanwich back for Mama before she even got out of bed.

That wasn’t much of a sacrifice, though. They’re two-for-five at Burger King, and I was already buying one for more than four bucks.

But it started the day off right.

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