Short answer: Yes.

But you have to be an honest Liberal. And in my experience, that’s rare. But don’t get me wrong – it is rare to come across an honest Conservative, too.

As a lifelong political observer and commentator and a former activist – I helped found our local Tea Party in 2010 and was the campaign manager for a Congressional campaign – I encountered a LOT of dishonest people both in power and in the rank-and-file.

These are people I would categorize by their Party (Republican or Democrat) and their ideology (Conservative/conservative or Liberal/liberal). For the sake of this discussion, let’s leave out the Libertarian/libertarian Party/ideology and others, though the discussion applies. It’s just easier to discuss the prevailing attitudes in American political thinking.

The mark of an honest ideologue is the Capital Letter. A Conservative is not a conservative, nor is a Liberal a liberal.

To the Capital Letter folks, honesty and application of principle across the board is paramount. In other words, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

For the lower case folks, they want what they want based on conservative or liberal principles, but they do not want the rules to apply to them when the shoe is on the other foot.

Throw party loyalty in and you find that there are very few honest ideologues out there: Conservative OR Liberal.

Take the current debate about giving Mr. Obama’s Supreme Court pick hearings in the Senate. The situation is reversed from what it was twenty-five years ago – an opening during a election year.

Democrats rail against Republicans not giving hearings though that was their position when the tables were turned. In other words they do not want their own principles applied to them when the shoe is on the other foot.

Republicans are not exempt from this. They do the same thing.

It is because of this that you can basically term Republicans as conservative and Democrats as liberal. Which leaves the Conservatives and Liberals only one avenue: Independence.

The Independent is often a Liberal or Conservative (remember these are “honest” liberals and conservatives, as opposed to the dishonest ones outlined above) who can’t toe the party line because it goes against the one thing that defines them: Their honesty as exemplified by their belief and practice that the rules apply to everybody, equally, all the time.

The Liberal and Conservative, therefore, are minorities in the political class and parties, because they would be forced to compromise their beliefs if they wanted to be a part of any party apparatchik.

A Liberal or Conservative is subordinate to his conscience. A liberal or conservative – Democrat or Republican – is subordinate to his desire for power and influence.

See the difference?

I left the Tea Party once I determined that they were compromised by their own lust for power at the expense of principle. I watched people I though were Conservative become (or reveal that they had always been) conservative. When they saw they might have a shot at power and influence, they started to bend the rules.

You see that in people like Ted Cruz – whom I supported wholeheartedly as a Texan and Tea Party activist when he wanted to be my Senator – who is participating in actively disenfranchising Americans in order for him to get the Republican nomination. Now that power is in sight and within his grasp, he will subordinate principle to power. And that makes him a Party man, which is why support is coalescing around him from the GOP establishment. Power matters to the Party more than principle – actually standing for something.

I’ve made this point in another post, but let me reiterate it here, to show the difference between a Conservative and a conservative, just to make sure we have equal time for the miscreants on both sides of the aisle:

For years conservatives have accepted that Al Gore is now Pro-Abortion. He changed his mind as “ambition trumped principle,” when he began to see himself on the national political stage. But in 1987, he wrote these words:

“I have consistently opposed federal funding of abortions. In my opinion, it is wrong to spend federal funds for what is arguably the taking of a human life. It is my deep personal conviction that abortion is wrong. I hope that some day we will see a drop in the outrageously large numbers of abortions which currently take place. . . . I share your belief that innocent human life must be protected, and I am committed to furthering this goal.”

Regardless, once he switched, conservatives have always and consistently called him “pro-abortion.”

Abby Johnson, “during her eight years with Planned Parenthood, quickly rose in the organization’s ranks and became a clinic director.”

However, once she switched, conservatives have always and consistently called her “pro-life.”

As a Conservative or a Liberal, you would do the same. People change their minds. They become more enlightened, or less so, and choose their sides. We take them at their word. Even I changed my mind, having once been a very avowed liberal (note the lack of the Capital Letter!)

But here’s where the difference is between a Conservative and a conservative. A principled versus party mindset…

Conservatives believe Donald Trump when he says he is pro-life, but conservatives do not. The unprincipled folks – the party liners – look at all of Trump’s past and find things they say mean he is not pro-life.

If they were honest, they would do the same to Abby Johnson and Al Gore. To them, she would still be an abortionist extraordinaire and Al Gore would be the poster child for the pro-life movement. But conservatives, like liberals, have an agenda to pursue: Power. After all, ifit were about converting souls to be pro-life, wouldn’t you think all the pro-life groups would be glad that Donald Trump had changed his mind instead of helping political foes point out his past?

So, can you be a ManHusbanDad if you are Liberal or Conservative? Yes and unequivocally so, because you are following your conscience!

But if you are conservative or liberal, I’m afraid that, by definition, you aren’t a ManHusbandDad. You must be principled to be virtuous, and the first step to becoming a ManHusbandDad is living up to your Natural Aptitudes and through that achieving Moral Clarity which, by definition, means following your conscience. And a liberal or conservative – a Democrat or Republican – by definition does not follow his conscience but instead seeks power over principle.

But there is hope.

I changed.

PS: Some of the best conversations and serious discussions I have ever had have been with Liberals. When talking with conservatives, you can just tell how unprincipled they really are, and I keep them far away from my children.

I wonder who you think are the ManHusbandDads in the Presidential Race?

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