Citizen Barack. Obama, megalomaniac and Narcissist-in-Chief, has decided he is not getting enough press now that he has no bully pulpit from which to say nothing. So he has taken to speaking much and saying nothing elsewhere.

While Mr. Obama lacks the credibility for successfully claiming he can even tie his own shoes, the sycophants in the media will eat up every word he spews out, chew it a bit, and then regurgitate it into something even more whimsical than the fairy-dust encrusted monologue the failed fanatic first vomited.

Obama, best known for not caring a whit what the voter actually thinks and wants, has received a Profile in Courage Award. Much like his vaunted Nobel Prize, received before the toilet paper from his first presidential poo was even moist in the bowl, this award has done two things: Gotten the press all giddy and completely devalued the coveted award.

Mr. Obama spent his speech, as do all recipients, talking about Courage. He failed, of course, to elucidate the meaning of the Virtue, but did it with style. And style, not substance, is what mattered throughout his tenure, so this should be no surprise.

Courage, as John Wayne has so eloquently put it, is “Being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” The Catechism of the Catholic Church sets this Righteous Virtue as a Cardinal Virtue, meaning one of the four virtues upon which all the other virtues “hinge.” Basically, without Courage, you can’t have the other virtues. According to C.S. Lewis:

It appears we have discovered Mr. Obama’s reason for abject and objective failure as a President of the United States. Not only does he lack Courage – he does not know what it is.

It is every ManHusbandDad’s responsibility to know what Courage is and to pursue it to perfection. I cover that elsewhere, so let’s move on to why Mr. Obama is wrong about what Courage is.

Mr. Obama said in his remarks that he hopes members of Congress have the courage to vote against the will of the majority of Americans who do not want Obamacare.

He referred to the 2010 Congress that passed Obamacare, saying that many Democrats fell on their swords to give people what they wanted. Mr. Obama has a fundamental flaw in his reasoning whichstems from his foundational dysfunction: He believes that healthcare is a Right.

Healthcare is not a Natural Right. A Natural Right is something one can express or have without infringing on a Natural Right of others. Healthcare as Obama sees it is something that he can force others to perform on or for you. Ergo, he is taking their right away from them so as to give you a right. As an example, he thinks he should be able to take your money, at the point of a gun (meaning he can kill you, taking away your right to life) in order to pay for my insulin (so that I may enjoy the right to life).

You may say it is a Civil Right. But it isn’t. Civil rights are the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. The government has to treat citizens equally, regardless of what they look like, how they express themselves, or what they were born with…including pre-existing conditions like my diabetes. My civil rights as a diabetic concern my health…not my healthcare. I cannot be denied access to the highway, public square, or courthouse because I am diabetic. But I do not have the civil right to (meaning the government does not have to provide) a vehicle to use the road, a megaphone to express my view, or a pen and paper to take notes on while watching a trial. Nor does it have to provide me a doctor or insulin.

Natural and Civil Rights are Moral Issues. Healthcare is not. If there were no doctors, you would not accept as a doctor someone the government pulled off the street and said, “You are now a doctor.”

You might as well just take care of yourself.


This former leader of the increasingly-less-free world led his people into servitude – naked slavery – by insisting that they should force other people to take care of them. In one fell swoop, he created a slave culture that we’ve worked so hard to get rid of.

In the years since the Civil War, we’ve been trying to get folks out of servitude, yet he wanted certain classes to serve other classes while those other classes served the government with their ignorance, choosing to stay in poverty as wards of the state as long as they voted for that state. He’s part of the machine that has indentured and oppressed black people since 1863.

Every single Obama supporter knew this when they voted for him in 2012: They voted for slavery sponsored and enforced by the federal government. Some have called Mr. Obama King or Dictator. Others have dubbed him a messiah. Perhaps the best representation of his approach to governing and control is…Pharaoh? (Let’s not forget his disdain for Israel…)

Slavery is what happens when the government gives a right to people and then forces other people to serve that right.

Slavery is immoral. That’s what makes government run healthcare immoral.

There is no Courage in that, yet Obama wants the current Congress to show Courage and finish off the process of enslaving the people of America. Virtue is never involved in immoral behavior. Immoral behavior requires one or more of the “deadly” sins. In the case of the political class creating Obamacare, all of the deadly sins were involved: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

In 2010, according to the second black president, those with courage, were those who gave the people what they wanted. As he said, elections have consequences and, since we have a Representative Democracy or, if you like, a Democratic Republic, the majority rules. Granted, that meant that the 2012 vote was legitimate and Americans voted for slavery. Sounds like the Israelites when they clamored for a King. Think about that next time you read the Bible and think, “Why do they keep doing that every couple hundred years?” Why did we do it?

Now, it seems, when the majority is different and a majority of Americanse do not want Obamacare, Mr. Obama says that people who vote the will of the people are cowards.

To recap: According to Mr. Obama, if you are with the majority and vote for immoral things like slavery, you have Courage; but if you are with the majority and vote to eradicate immoral things like slavery, you lack Courage – a coward.

The real Courage has been shown by Americans who waited and worked within the moral framework of our Constitution for eight long years to change the government, withstood every onslaught from the media-empowered Masters, and overcame the slavery. It culminated in electing a relatively obscure, politically inept man much like Moses to be the reluctant leader, to bring us out of this exile. Our exodus has just begun, and Obama’s troops are pursuing us through the desert and sea, to see if we really want freedom.

Keep Courage, and fight the good fight. It will be messy – eradicating slavery always is because it takes from a privileged class the freedoms that they kept from you – but it will be worth it. Be perseverant with your own representatives, making sure they do not climb back up to the nipple of special interests but instead recognize the inherent power in you. Mr. Trump does not need those interests as long as he has us, because his accountability is to us, The People, and if we can teach that to the other elected officials, they may become Courageous, as well. As long as we keep them all accountable, we can reclaim our Freedom.

With Courage.

Let Mr. Obama have his meaningless awards and his cowardly, apologetic victimhood and yuge speaking fees.

We’ll take America, and he can keep the change.

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