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That’s an evocative headline, purposefully.

When Donald Trump announced he was running for President of the United States at the end of June, 2015, there was excitement among the independent set that leaned right, because they knew he wasn’t tied to the moneyed culture of the professional political class that occupies the Republican and Democrat parties.

He was a wildcard for every political position on the map, but from the capitalist perspective and, for anybody who took five minutes to read any of his books, his positioning was obvious and predictable.

Donald Trump doesn’t do anything he thinks will lose. And he doesn’t support something just because it will win. He supports what he vehemently believed is right. He always has. With this attitude, whether you agree with him or not, he has overcome obstacles, defeated opponents and enemies, and literally created new landscapes.

Pro-Life organizations and Christians across the country were horrified when they heard Donald Trump on the campaign trail say he was Pro-Life. They dragged up news articles, interviews, and donation records that showed how Mr. Trump had supported and promoted pro-abortion causes and candidates. They said that was proof that Donald Trump was not Pro-Life.

The hypocrisy of the privileged Pro-Life movement professionals is disgusting. These are the same people that said that Abby Johnson could have a change of heart and become the poster child for the Pro-Life movement after being the director of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill here in my own town.

Accordingly, when I heard these Pro-Life professionals say Donald Trump was not Pro-Life, I realized that they must have a different agenda, which having been involved in that ministry and industry I will write about at another time, and I recognized the hypocrisy when comparing the turnaround of Donald Trump’s thoughts on Life and Abby Johnson’s and how they were treated by the Pro-Life professionals.

By that same logic, Al Gore must still be Pro-Life, since he was before he accepted the Vice-Presidency slot offered to him by Bill Clinton in 1992.

How can Donald Trump not be allowed to change his mind but Abby Johnson and Al Gore can?

During the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign, the Susan B. Anthony List, perhaps one of the biggest professional Pro-Life industry leaders, declared that candidate Donald Trump Is Unacceptable. On the eve of the Iowa Caucus, kicking of the primary season that would eventually see Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, their statement begins,

As pro-life women leaders from Iowa and across the nation, we urge Republican caucus-goers and voters to support anyone but Donald Trump. On the issue of defending unborn children and protecting women from the violence of abortion, Mr. Trump cannot be trusted…

Bookend the entire professional Pro-Life AntiTrump deluge during the nomination process to election day with this article from Matthew Lee Anderson of Vox, who on October 25, 2016 – a mere two weeks before the election – declares that Pro-lifers who support Donald Trump are kidding themselves — and hurting the movement. Anderson declares, “But the truth is there has never been a pro-life case for voting for Donald Trump.”

Anderson’s article points out that Pro-Life movement godfather Ralph Reed tweeted a sigh of relief after Trump debated Hillary Clinton, with Reed saying, “Last night @realDonaldTrump gave permission to every evangelical to vote for him w/ pro-life & judges answers.

The replies from lay Pro-Lifers show the hypocrisy had pervaded the boots on the ground from the professional Pro-lifers:

Ralph Reed Tweet 2016-10-20 feom

Today, as the 47th March for Life takes place and President Donald Trump addresses the marchers, my oldest son is in the crowd attending with classmates from his passionately Catholic university. He is with the real heroes of this movement, and is one of them. The people who make the money by being talking heads on EWTN are not.

I saw this morning on EWTN the same Susan B. Anthony List folks praising Donald Trump for his expected visit with the marchers and his positively Pro-Life stance, and how wonderful it is for us to have such a strongly Pro-Life president, who has nominated and secured Pro-Life justices on the Supreme Court and has a Pro-Life Vice-President.

And it makes me sick that they don’t apologize but, instead, have jumped on the bandwagon that those of us who are in the trenches and have an understanding of this man that isn’t colored or pilloried by the media have been riding all along.

Donald Trump IS Pro-Life, and obviously the most Pro-Life President the United States has ever had. In complete defiance of every professional Pro-Life political organization out there he maintained his position while learning how to articulate it on the campaign trail, when he should have just told those commercialized Pro-Lifers to take a hike and watch. But he rose above the vitriol by so-called compassionate, primarily Christian hypocrites, and has taken the lead on the Pro-Life movement for us lay people who still do the real work in grassroots, non-professional organizations you never hear about.

Because, once again, Donald Trump does not need the money of ANY organization, and so is not bound to them by some financial fealty. He shows, in his Pro-Life stance, that the politics of the situation do not matter, and the money does not matter. What matters is ACTION.

Donald Trump has acted: Vowing to veto any legislation that weakens the protection of human life; pushing through more than 150 constitutional judges; stripped Planned Parenthood of significant federal funding; advocated for babies born alive during botched abortions. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. The Pro-Life Professionals are just riding the wave all the way to the bank. Us independent conservatives know who our President is. The professionals just hope they can keep their hands in the cookie jar.

We work hard to change minds and hearts, but when Donald Trump changed his mind and heart (“[W]hat happened is friends of mine years ago were going to have a child, and it was going to be aborted. And it wasn’t aborted. And that child today is a total superstar, a great, great child. And I saw that. And I saw other instances.”) and became Pr-Life, all of these myrmidons vilified him and did not trust him, but when Abby Johnson stepped out on 29th Street in Bryan, Texas, she was embraced without question; and Al Gore is unanimously considered pro-abortion.

Whoa to you hypocrites who now embrace Donald Trump as if you have always been his best friend. You owe the President an apology, and you need to apologize to every person you raised money from and misled with your propaganda claiming that candidate Donald Trump was not Pro-Life. Whoa to you who led people from the Truth.

You can at least tell the President “Thank you,” as EWTN gave the opportunity just last night, after listing out his Pro-Life accomplishments.

I’d tell you to give the money back, but the money is the real reason you do what you do. And since Donald Trump makes you money whether you vilify him or laud him, you’ll just keep #MarchingForDollars while the rest of us #MarchForLife.

Shame on you. You kill babies with your inaction, poltical gamesmanship, and financial priorities.

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