Internal Activism

How can we fix the world if our own home is a mess?


I embrace what I think are common sense approaches to some of the most trying challenges humanity has constantly faced since the beginning of recorded history. They also happen to be sound Catholic theology.

These approaches have been a part of our history since the beginning and, for the most part humanity has drifted away from these solutions, paradoxically, as we attempt to find them. I recognize that there is only one Perfect solution, and I seek these man-made conformities n order to reach a higher understanding of God and our place in His Plan. These philosophies build up society through their practice in the hearts of men first.

I believe that if men follow Truth, they will naturally come to the realization of these philosophies as Man's best way to produce a society that amplifies the fundamental building block - The Family - to a point where The Family is paramount, honored, revered, sought after, and modeled throughout all areas of society.

Practicing these philosophies requires, first, an honest and intellectual look and study. They take years to understand because they are no longer practiced in a way that allows the casual observer to understand them. They are certainly no longer taught in schools, and tThey have been shunted to the side of societal evolution as backward, inane, or simply idealistic - for the most part because of ignorance or unwillingness to understand them.


coexist smI'm not a bumper-sticker activist or some namby-pamby hippie. While on the surface I think this image is stupid and insulting to every individual represented by it, it's a useful tool to express a common ground I think you and I share. If you can relate to, or identify with one of the symbols above, then we have something in common and can talk about it. Yes, I unabashedly proclaim my Catholic heritage yet I know that if we all go back far enough, we stand on common ground. The solid ground of Truth. Truth knows no walls it cannot breakdown. Are you willing to share your understanding of the Truth? Start here...


Something inside you knows that you know how to take care of yourself and your family better than anybody else. That's what I know, too. I certainly do not need someone else to tell me how to handle things in my own home and family, and my neighbors and I can solve our own problems, too. If it gets too big of a problem in the neighborhood (like the idiot kid across the street continuing to shout F-Bombs just to assert his "manliness" after I spoke with him and then his appalled mother), the coomunity takes care of (like the police did concerning the idiot neighbor kid!). I don't expect the city, state, or feds to jump in when I am closest to the societal challenge. The Founding Fathers knew best, and you practice Subsidiarity every day. Don't believe me? Find the Truth here...


Just the word made a Capitalist like me shiver...but knowing what it means actually puts a word to what you have been thinking all your life... We're talking personal responsibility, property ownership, right-to-work and follow your dreams in an economic system that makes sense - and works everywhere it is tried. It's Capitalism without the monopolies or government cronyism. It's making sure that he who WON'T work won't eat, but ensuring that he who CAN'T work does eat. Blow your mind by clicking here...

New Feminism

Think you know what New Feminism is? How about celebrating and lifting up the uniqueness of women, instead of trying to turn them into men. Men simply do some things better than women, and women do some things better than men. It doesn't make you more of a man or woman to do something the other gender is naturally inclined at doing better. We are all created equal - but we cannot all do things equally. Chances are you think I'm wrong and won't look into it further... Do you have the guts...?

After study, practicing these great ideas and approaches to life in one's mind and personal life must happen before a person can become an external advocate or activist for them. They all work when tried, and they are an excellent source of direction and guidance for me as a ManHusbandDad who must first right his own way of life before he can hope to affect his family and his society.

So I do not encourage you to be an activist for these movements in the public square without fully understanding them and practicing them within your own life and sphere of influence first, extensively, and for a lengthy period of time. I do encourage you to be an activist for them in your own life, your own family, and in how you tackle the issues of every day living..

As I live my life, lead my wife, raise ,y children and protect my family in an environment permeated with these philosophies and ways of living, I can plant seeds that may grow society into a mature, family-oriented culture. It will take generations, but I'm trying hard to not be concerned with what benefits I receive from this...instead I want to be focused on the benefits I can bestow on others by living a righteous life.

These philosophies, as part of a solid foundation for a Man, can lead to a more virtuous, valued, and victorious life. I believe that when enough Men, Husbands, and Dads practice these philosophies in their own hearts, lives, and families, there will be no need for activism to create a societal change towards them - the change will simply occur.