Any iteration of sexual preference, tendency, or activity that is not heterosexual and freely given by a man and woman to each other within the context of Matrimony; the acceptance of such as “natural.” One who accepts Sexualism as “natural” is a Sexualist (See “Harangutan”).

Common examples include extra-marital sexual intercourse; homosexualism; bisexualism; hermaphroditism; intersex; transgenderism; nucleic to anatomical alteration or mutation; contracepted heterosexual intercourse; heterosexual sodomy to the point of non-vaginal release; masturbation. The list is endless and grows daily as individuals attempt to justify any non-heterosexual activity that is external to Marriage, but we think the idea is clear in these examples.

[Sexualism is defined elsewhere on the web as a discriminatory tendency of heterosexual individuals towards those who are not heterosexual or who do not identify as their chromosomal markers define them: male or female. This is a false definition, as definitions must apply to all, not just a sub-set of people. For instance, racists can be of any race. So, sexualism defined elsewhere applying only to heterosexuals is itself a sexualist definition, as “sexualist” is also defined erroneously elsewhere.]