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The prevent defense is a defensive alignment in American football that seeks to prevent the offense from completing a long pass or scoring a touchdown in a single play and seeks to run out the clock.

It troubles me every time I post a political article because I know it turns some people off. But ManHusbandDad™ is a political animal, and my opinions are based on an informed conscience. So here I go again. [This is one of the reasons why ManHusbandDad™ is not a non-profit organization – we want to specifically tell you what we think and how you should be thinking!]

Hillary Clinton has not had a press conference in 272 days. December 4, 2015, was her last one…a month before the first primary! You did not know that because the mainstream media doesn’t talk about it much – though they have the last few days.

Donald Trump, ostensibly, has been shooting himself in the foot these last few weeks. The old adage is, “When your opponent in shooting himself in the foot, get out of the way.” Or, as Napoleon put it, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” So Mrs. Clinton stays out of the way.

This works in American Politics, as long as your enemy is making mistakes.

Donald Trump is flawless. Maybe not by design or plan…but his flaws make him flawless.

Since the primary, die-hard Trump supporters – which include me – have understood he needs to tack to the center to welcome independents and a lot of disgruntled minorities. His supposedly hard-line stances in the primaries were specifically meant to expose his opponents – all 17 of them – as political hacks who were just looking to solidify their power without actually doing anything for the citizens of America. We, the People, got the message, saw a man who meant what he said, and ran with it.

Now Trump has to nuance his message so that the elite understand it and share it with the folks who weren’t paying attention during the primaries. Maybe I’m just one of those boobs the media keeps calling out as uneducated (I don’t have a college degree but I went to two world class universities for eight years with a B average) but guess what? There are a lot of us boobs out here, and we are the engine that drives America. By a vast majority.

Hillary does not understand this. She thinks she can play a prevent defense and run out the clock.

But the clock is not her friend.

In quick succession, her troubles will continue to mount as the email scandal continues to just throw up on her, and now the State Department will release her entire schedule in mid-October – the proverbial October surprise some may say. But I think something even greater is coming, which Mrs. Clinton hopes does not rear its ugly head until after November 8th.

I don’t think she will be so lucky. The Clinton magic fairy dust is about to run out.

This is a hardcore election. It’s unvarnished, untrained, unpolished and unapologetic statesmanship versus slick packaging, mass marketing, parsed spinning and straight-up lying.

Americans, by virtue of the Internet, know the candidates better than they ever have. And while Hillary Clinton rides a lead that has dwindled to even-Steven in the last week while Donald Trump has been supposedly shooting himself in the foot, the citizens of our great country have taken notice:

Do we want the man who presses for the victory against all odds, or do we want the woman who gives a few yards here and there just to run out the clock?

The media, including former traditional media stalwart Fox News, wants Clinton to win for a simple reason: With Democrats, there is always a controversy that drives the news cycle and sells advertising. They cannot fathom why Trump is even still in the game with all their guns pointed at him and firing on automatic.

The reason why is because we, the People, understand him for who he is, not who the media portray him as. No matter how much Hillary Clinton lies about him.

Ask anybody who is a football fan what happens when you use a prevent defense.

You prevent the win.


Clinton is running out the clock but has to deal with debates and most likely a press conference before the election. She won’t be able to handle a frustrated press that she has not talked to in more time than it takes to birth a baby.

They are starting to not like her. And when the referees don’t like you, the game swiftly moves out of your favor.

I think Trump will win by eight points.

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