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About two years ago ISIS published an issue of their magazine, Dabiq, in which they explain that they are at war with the Catholic Church – a full exegesis of that is covered in this article at Shoebat. In ISIS’ publications, they continue to emphatically state the veracity of the Koran’s own dogmatic infallibility that those who claim to be “moderate” or “peaceful” Muslims are not true practitioners of the Islamic faith.

That would in some sense make this series of articles moot if this were any time in history except the last twenty years. However, since a century ago when the Catholic Church ceased to be a temporal power – one with a defensible sovereign territory – the Catholic Church remained the spiritual power it has been for 2000 years – a much more powerful entity – that has no tangible territory to defend except the human heart and soul.

This makes our one weapon – Love – both invincible (you cannot kill it) and impossible to defend against. The prophecy that “the gates of Hell will not prevail against [the Church]” is coming to fruition: Hell is not the defeat of Love. Love – God – is everywhere…even in Hell. Hell, instead, is the total rejection of Love.

historycartoonUnfortunately, that leads the Church and some of her leaders to some false senses of security. To the point where we are being taught the attitude that only cowboys carry guns in Church and the Founding Fathers only envisioned smooth-bore muskets when they framed the Second Amendment.

And, even more concerning, it causes our own Pope to say that the ongoing conflict is not a War of Religion.

It is. The Enemy has declared it such. And, I propose, the entire existence of the Church has been to combat the Enemy – and combat implies if not directly defines the idea of “war.”

If, for instance, we are not at war, then why are Catholics and every other Christian denomination constantly issuing calls for “prayer warriors?”

True Muslims have been actively attacking Catholics since 629 when Muhammad took advantage of the weakened Byzantines who had finally won a long fought war with the Persians. Make no mistake about this – Muslims started the whole conflict that continues to rage today. They did it on purpose under the leadership of their “prophet” in order to create a worldwide caliphate – a system of rule that incorporates religious, political, economic, social, and cultural systems defined in the Koran and ordered by what is known as Sharia Law.

As ISIS put in its official publication (Note that they say “the Muslim nation,” which tells us how they see themselves.):

After  the  passing  of  the  Prophet  Muhammad, his  companions  agreed  that  the  most  significant matter  facing  the  Muslim  nation  was  appointing  its next leader, its next central authority. They did so in a  timely  manner,  and  a  successive  authority  continued  unbroken  for  hundreds  of  years.  This  successive authority,  called  the  Caliphate,  was  reestablished  in 2014 through the pledging of allegiance to Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. [Dabiq, Issue 15, “Break The Cross” p. 75, In The Words of The Enemy. This issue is completely dedicated to converting “Crusaders” to Islam and is a telling tutorial on how they view us.]

Most western governments will tell you that Islam is decentralized in that there is no “head” or “ruler” as there is in Catholicism. They point to the Koran which is the voice of Allah and absolute commandment for all Muslim, again ignoring the abrogation inherent in the latter verses of the text. For True Muslims, followers of the true text of the Koran as Muhammad intended, it is a matter of black and white or night and day. More specifically, it is a matter of right or wrong. And if it is not in the Koran, it is wrong. If it is in the Koran and one does not do it or does something opposite or even slightly off from the command, then the only punishment is death.

The caliphate simply applies the teachings of the Koran to every aspect of life. The Religion is the foundation for this entire society. This entire Nation which, like the Catholic Church, is a nation without temporal borders. Religion is the foundation of a completely entangled and inseparable parts of a way of life. Those teachings are summed up by waging war on anybody who does not join the caliphate, to either force them to conversion or turn them into slaves.

But for some reason, we continue to call Islam a religion of peace and refuse to believe we are at war with it while it is clearly stated that the Muslim Nation is at war with us. If someone says they are Muslim but do not follow the caliphate, then they are NOT Muslim and are subject to conversion, death, or slavery just like the rest of us. Why do you think the largets group of dead lying in the wake of ISIS are people who claim to be Muslim?

Let’s reiterate: Islam is NOT a religion as we know it. It IS a system of rule that incorporates, political, economic, social, and cultural systems defined in the Koran into a Religion and ordered by what is known as Sharia Law.

It is a way of life. It is a way of living. It is a way of organizing barbarians in order to take over society, culture, indeed the world. To the Muslim it IS Religion – the only one.

Genghis Khan would have killed for such a system. So would Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, Lenin, Hitler, Idi Amin, Mao Tse Tung, King George III, King Henry VIII, Saddam Hussein, and some United States Presidents.

Yeah, I went there. ANd I’m not talking about Frank Underwood. Yet.

What I am saying is that megalomania fits this system perfectly, and the only thing Islam is missing right now is a megalomaniacal leader to unite all of the individual warring factions. Someone akin to Muhammad.

Islam is about control, and megalomaniacs crave control.

One could list hundreds if not thousands of dead and buried leaders who, untempered by the Church and her constant promulgation of ideals of freedom granted by a loving God, have gotten close to perfect control but were missing the system that Islam provides.

The Church has always insisted on the free will of Men exercised in the Natural Law of liberty granted by God. To the Muslim, that is anathema to the Islamic ideal of control.

The ideas are diametrically opposed: self-control and determination versus external control and dominance. By definition the two are at war with each other. They have been since the dawn of history.

Fortunately, Islam continues to collapse on itself, especially when helped with some well-placed military action. That is the cycle of history and ignorance repeating. History has shown when the ugly head of Islam rises high enough for the unmistakable true religion to be seen by all, military action comes together to send the horde away, where it again plots to rise up. As the publication says:

We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted. This is His promise to us; He is glorified and He does not fail in His promise. If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach  it,  and  they  will  sell  your  sons  as  slaves at the slave market. [Dabiq, Issue 4, p.5, The Failed Crusade.]

Islam feeds on fear and a compliant population. It expands and contracts based on the willingness, appeasement, and ignorance of those it attacks. It senses weakness in the Catholic Church right now because the Church refuses to name the enemy as much as the United States and all of Western Democracy refused to name the enemy until Donald Trump became President.

But reality always wins in the end – we get to know our enemy when they start shooting us, even if we don’t believe them when they say we are enemies.

Paul Revere rode his midnight ride not yelling what we all learned in Schoolhouse Rock – “The British are coming!” – because that would have made no sense. At that time we were all British. He rode yelling, “The Regulars are coming!” However, by the dawn of the next day on a bridge between Lexington and Concord, the shot heard around the world told us all, even those who didn’t believe the many words exchanged previously, who the enemy was.

After that, hey were the British and we were the Americans.

The time is coming when Islam will be the named enemy because reality will not be able to be ignored anymore. It has happened throughout history, as this article shows.

Will you be ready to take the Shot? Will you be allowed to?


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