Rafiki, in the last minute of The Lion King, says to Simba, “It is time.” It was time for Simba to step up, embrace his position of leadership within the pride, and lead a broken society to a more promising tomorrow. The last seconds of the movie show that that tomorrow is being realized, in the presentation of Simba’s son to the world.

We all know the bad things Simba did and that happened to him that brought him to this place.

And I know what got me here.

For over two years now I have been struggling with a change inside me that I did not want. It’s been a Jacobean wrestling match with God at some points, and I have stepped outside the ring a couple of times, only to be pushed back in by those who love me the most – the ones I am fighting for – my wife and children.

It’s the Man Husband Dad ring, and either God wins or I’m a fraud.

For forty-plus years I have done my own thing, been my own man, and forged on ahead with God as my co-pilot. I’d give him the controls when I was tired, desperate, or just did not want to do what I was doing anymore.

The last two years have been a bit different, and now it is time.

It is time for me to sit myself firmly in that co-pilot seat and let The Lord fly my life. He wants me to BE a Man, Husband, and Dad before I DO anything else. And that’s what these last two years have been about…and the rest of my life will be about, as well.

I have this sense that God has molded me as a lump of clay into a sculpture over the entirety of my life, and the last two years he has been firing me in his kiln. I know what it means to be a Man Husband Dad, and though I fail at it regularly, He wants me to share what He has taught me with other people. First by being a Man Husband Dad and, second, sharing those experiences in whatever venue is presented.

In His infinite wisdom He is combining my best attributes He has honed in me over many years, and giving me this venue, this blog, to share what He has taught me. None of this is what I would have done and, in fact, it is what I have been wrestling with Him over for the last two years.

I’m not going to win.

And, like Simba, I have realized there is a world waiting for what only The Lord can give it. And I’m someone – one of many – He has trained to do just that – warts and all. I’ve learned from Jacob, Moses, David and all those guys who just wanted God to leave them alone except when they wanted His help that it doesn’t work that way. We are all created for a specific purpose, unique to ourselves, and the more we fight it the more obvious it becomes, and the more pressing the need for action is, because we waste time arguing with the Creator of the universe instead of being and doing what he says.

I mean, if Moses had only avoided The Lord for twenty years instead of forty, he might have actually seen the Promised Land.

So, I’m charging ahead. Actually, God is charging ahead and I’m sitting in the co-pilot’s seat. But now I am a willing participant 100%, not the 80 – 90% I’ve been since His mission for me was made clear to me on November 2, 2013.

“Be a Man, Husband, Dad, Kristofer Cowles,” He said to me.

“It is time.”


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