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In my first article on Lent, I talked about the importance of resisting temptations in our own personal lives and, as a guide to help us overcome our temptations, the temptations of Jesus Christ.

In this series I provide some reflections on the four temptations of Jesus Christ (Luke 4:1-13, and Luke 23:35-37; 39), and apply them to the issues facing ManHusbandDads in the world today.

Right now, let’s focus on the first two temptations, and my third article will focus on the last two. The first two temptations Lucifer gave to Jesus Christ, and how we should apply them to our own personal lives, are as follows:

First Temptation: “If you are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread.”

Reflection: As we are aware from scripture, this temptation is deep because Jesus has been fasting for 40 days, and is super hungry. Through Jesus’ will, He is able to survive without food, and outsmarts the Devil. By Jesus overcoming this temptation, Christ shows us the importance of not seeking self-satisfaction.

In our lives: Many men today have fallen into the sin of pornography. Sexual enjoyment is always easy to find today, and although it may feel satisfying at first, hooking-up and pornography leave a man feeling empty in the end.

Application: During this Lenten season, let us examine our own personal lives, and ask ourselves if we live on bread alone, or do we live only on Jesus Christ as our spiritual food? We also need to ask ourselves, if, in our own personal lives, “have I have been living out the Twelve Righteous Virtues?”

Second Temptation: “I shall give to you all this power and glory; for it has been handed over to me, and I may give it to whomever I wish. All this will be yours, if you worship me.”

Reflection: In this temptation, we see Jesus overcome the lure of power.

In our lives: The temptation of power is universal between the sexes. There’s nothing wrong with a man pursuing a career which puts him in a position of power. The only problem that may occur, is when the desire for power consumers everything in a man’s life, destroying his soul, and family.

Application: During this Lenten season, we need to ask ourselves if we are pursuing power for selfish desires, or are we using our power for the glory of Jesus Christ?

Next, we will explore the last two temptations of Jesus.

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