Saint Peter Julian Eymard, pray for us!

I think I found my doppelganger. The lesson here is “Being.

The life of Saint Peter Julian Eymard is that of a bit of a dilettante. He lived in the 19th century as a priest and a founder of religious organizations – or participant in them – while, at least it appears to me, he was searching for what he was supposed to really be doing with his life.

Throughout it all, he kept a devotion to the Eucharist, always aware of and preaching the saving power of reception of the Blessed Sacrament.

St. Peter’s devotion to the physical presence of The Lord eventually affected him in such a way as to being open to WHO God wanted him to BE, which is something I talk about a lot when it comes to BEING a ManHusbandDad.

Eventually, Saint Peter was led to understand and pursue BEING both apostolic and contemplative – missionary and prayerful – in his vocation, and this realization is a matter of “and/both” versus “either/or” which is something ManHusbandDads (at least yours truly!) struggle with, especially when it comes to living in anonymity.

The fact that Saint Peter is not a major conversation topic or on anybody’s top ten lists of favorite saints yet had such a major impact on the faith, its practice and the reconciliation of so many souls shows me how living in anonymity does not mean being unnoticed. It simply is a path to Humility.

If I ever started a ManHusbandDad institute, I think I would name it after this saint. His story and life and yes to God are foundational examples of Moral Clarity and doing one’s best – BEING one’s best – in the Four Natural Aptitudes.

His life, if I may indulge in a selfish moment, seems to be mirrored in mine. So much wanting to do and be, yet finally hearing the call of God and acting upon and within it. It’s a matter of letting God DO with us what He wants so that we will BE who He wants. And in that path we find our dream to be eclipsed by his, yet encompassed within it, too.

Saint Peter Julian Eymard is worth knowing as we all struggle to BE and DO. Start with a closer look via Wikipedia, perhaps.

Two things to entice you to look further – Saint Peter was the confessor for Rodin after the artist gave up art and convinced him to not let the talent God had given him wither away; and my Wife was born on Saint Peter’s birthday.

Saint Peter Julian Eymard, pray for us and for ManHusbandDad, that we may be apostolically inclined and contemplatively energized by the Real Presence of God.



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