Click this image for some prayers and meditations on Sts. Joachim and Anne.

Click this image for some prayers and meditations on Sts. Joachim and Anne.

Today is the feast day of Saints Joachim and Anne. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about them. The lesson here is “Position.”

Nobody does. We don’t even know if those are their real names.

We do know WHO they are: The parents of St. Mary, Grandparents to Jesus, and In-Laws to St. Joseph.

Quite the legacy.

And that speaks for both of them. While I am ill-qualified to share about St. Anne, I’m interested in sharing about St. Joachim precisely because he lived as a ManHusbandDad should: in anonymity. This quality is reflected in the fact that we do not know anything about him – not his profession, his age at death, or where he lived and what sort of life he led.

Okay, we actually know an infinite, uncontainable amount about the life he led, because we know his legacy: Mary, the Mother of God.

And we know she married another ManHusbandDad who is bathed in anonymity, preferred again by history to be known by his adopted son: Jesus Christ – the Savior of the World: God Incarnate.

When we think of or hear about Great Men, we rarely know much about their Dads. I am convinced, more and more, that this is the way of things. As I mention in my thoughts about living in anonymity, the big question is that asked by the Nazarenes as they prepare to toss Jesus off a cliff:

Is this not Joseph’s son?

How best to be known than by the glory of your own children in the eyes of God and Community? That glory is a simple accolade: Well done, good and faithful servant.

It’s what a ManHusbandDad lives and dies for.

So while we know a bit about Joseph and recognize his anonymity in raising the Son of God as his own, we know his anonymity allows for the focus to be on Jesus, not the ManHusbandDad who raised Him.

How much more great and in tune with his Moral Clarity and Natural Aptitudes, the Righteous Virtues, Matrimonial Sacrifices and Wisdom, then, must Joachim have been in order to raise Mary, who was conceived without sin and raised to fulfill that proclivity as a strong woman who would bear the burden of scorn for her pregnancy and have her heart pierced by a sword by witnessing the execution of her Son? She chose a Man as her Husband who must have been as close to the example she had in her own Dad as possible.

And all of this from a ManHusbandDad whose name we aren’t even sure of.

St Joachim – pray for all ManHusbandDads, that we may be like you in all ways. Thank you for showing us how to be ManHusbandDads.





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