Saint Jacques Hamel, pray for us! Pray that we ay have the Courage to live as you lived!

Saint Jacques Hamel, pray for us! Pray that we may have the Courage to live as you lived!

The Age of Martyrdom is upon us. The lesson here is “Courage.

My Wife shared an article with me that, in the wake of the martyrdom of Father Saint Jacques Hamel, was succinct and to the point: A Christian Duty in the Face of Terror.

Wait!? Father Saint Jacques Hamel? He was a saint?

He is now.

A Christian martyr is a person who dies for Christ. As Catholics, we know that people who die for Christ are immediately entered into the rolls of the heavenly population. Anyone in Heaven is a Saint, by definition.

Hence, Saint Jacques Hamel.

I say the Age of Martyrdom is upon us more as a wake-up call than an attempt to stamp in stone the start of an era. Here in the United States martyrdom has been relatively limited, but we know Christian girls died for their faith in the attack on Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado seventeen years ago, and just last year in Oregon people were martyred at a community college when they proclaimed their faith in front of a terrorist.

We don’t need a government to proclaim something to know what it is: Islamic murder of Christians is martyrdom, by definition.

Even though we have heard rumblings of mass Christian martyrdom in Iraq at the hands of Muslims in the name of religion, it’s been relatively easy to ignore. Even the priests who have been martyred have been ethereal to us – in another world, a strange sect of Christianity born of Eastern Catholicisms.

However, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ, whether apostolically engaged in the celebration of the True Eucharist or not.

But the glorious homecoming of Saint Jacques Hamel hits home, because he was a Roman Catholic Priest, celebrating Holy Eucharist. While many French see this as an attack on an aspect of French life, do not be deceived. The French themselves martyred countless Catholics during the tumultuous end of the 18th Century in that country and Catholicism has not been a defining aspect of French society since.

This was an attack on Christians in general, Catholicism in particular, and the Latin Church specifically.

Ergo, because He established the Catholic Church, this was a direct attack on Jesus Christ. And since Jesus Christ is God this was an attack on God.

This is not our war, but it is our fight. We are soldiers and medics. We know the end of the story – we win. But, as the article my Wife sent to me points out, this is not the first time we have been awakened to the barbarity, infamy, and Godless inhumanity of the Islamic horde. It’s just gotten bigger and more prevalent in our lives, and must be stopped and turned back once again.

Naiveté equals death in our day and age – the Age of Martyrdom. As Saint Jacques showed on Tuesday, we must have Courage in the face of Islam, including the Ccourage to call it what it is: A Godless tradition of hate and warfare.

Many who call themselves Muslim are ignorant of the fact that the religion they practice is not Islam. By definition, Islam is not “moderate” or “peaceful,” so those who are “Moderate” or “peaceful” Muslims are not actually Muslims. But until they call themselves differently or purposefully and forcefully push back against those who hold the marketing advantage against them by defining Islam as it really is, they will be automatically assumed to be of that violent, Godless tradition of hate and warfare. There is no way around it, no matter how many blind eyes one may turn.

Confused? Learn more by comparing the Mecca and Medina verses of the Koran and the abrogation of one over the other. Islam teaches that the violent verses cancel the peaceful verses.

ManHusbandDads must have Courage, and we look to Saint Jacques as an example. He died for us because he died for Jesus. His death need not be in vain. He was prepared.

It takes Courage to fight for Jesus. It takes Courage to die for Jesus. But Courage cannot be forced upon you.

Soma may say Saint Jacques was ready because he lived 84 years. Maybe. But I have seen someone die for Christ at the age of 30 and be ready for it. So I do not think age has anything to do with it. Look at the children of the Mexican martyrdom a hundred years ago and rethink that approach…

Courage is the first Virtue. It takes Courage to do anything.

What will your Courage prompt you to do when the need arises?

I hope I will fight for The Lord before I die. Saint Jacques fought for 84 years.

But that’s not because of what he did. It’s because of who he was. ManHusbandDads must BE ManHusbandDads so that when the time comes to do something – and it has – the foundation for DOING is in the BEING.

Saint Jacques, pray for us!





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