“He wasn’t electing a Sunday school teacher or a pastor or even a president who shared his theological beliefs,” Falwell said. “He was electing the president of the United States and the talents, abilities and experience required to lead a nation might not always line up with those needed to run a church or lead a congregation. After all, Jimmy Carter was a great Sunday school teacher but look what happened to our nation with him in the presidency.”

Jerry Falwell, Jr., on his late father’s endorsement of Ronald Reagan for President

With that quote I delve into politics on this site.

I do have to give you the caveat that the opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of other people involved in ManHusbandDad, nor do I claim that they do.

As any ManHusbandDad should – I speak for myself.

In a former life I was a political consultant. That came after being liberal for years, starting with voting for Michael Dukakis and then Bill Clinton. I know – I was a heathen. Fortunately I was baptized after these egregious mistakes, so those sins are clearly washed away.

Though delving into politics now after a hiatus for several years – I was the founding Vice-President of our local Tea Party and a campaign manager for a Republican Congressional candidate in 2009 – 10, along with having a conservative blog that had over 17,000 daily readers and, through it, making political enemies in every party and even forcing a local Councilman to recuse himself from contract voting due to felonious behavior – I come back into politics with a different attitude, mainly focused on nuances of the Conservative, Constitutional approach and not party ideology – and certainly not the bulldog tactics I used to employ.

[Some of what I wrote still exists out there on the Internet. You’re welcome to look. Try the WayBackMachine.]

janusAnd that’s because, as much as I was a dyed-in the wool Democrat and then dyed-in-the-wool Republican, I got out of politics specifically because, as the old adage goes, I became like those whom I hung around.

And I didn’t like it.

I used to think that Democrats and Republicans were two sides of the same coin. My experience taught me that they are the two faces on one side of the coin – like the ancient Roman Janus coin – and Lady Liberty is on the other side. To me it has pretty much become an either/or proposition – which is a challenge for a person who adheres to the Catholic “and/both” approach as much as possible. I don’t think you can be a party person and a full-fledged American at the same time. And I do not think you can be Catholic and beholden to one party, either. They have become 1916-S-Walking-Liberty-Half-Dollar-obvdichotomous and are quickly becoming diametrically opposed. And think about it – our Founding Fathers were against parties – what they called factions – because it was specifically un-American.

So I’m going with that.

But why does this happen to be on the ManHusbandDad web site?

Because I don’t want to maintain more than one presence, and you should know all of me…not just the pretty stuff or the stuff that puts me on some pedestal of seeming to know a bunch of stuff you can learn from.

I’m human, I’m American. I’m Catholic, I vote. I’m a Constitutional Conservative in my ideology. I’m an equal opportunity offender when it comes to analyzing and critiquing politicians and policies.

I am Catholic first. A Catholic ManHusbandDad. A Catholic ManHusbandDad in America. A Catholic ManHusbandDad in America in Texas. Subsidiarity is my guiding principle in politics, which I learned from the Catholic Church. Our local Catholic Radio station plays a political ad that starts with various people saying “I’m a Texas Catholic” and then goes on to promote a Political Action Committee that purports to support Texas Catholic values. I think that’s wrong. Catholic values are universal. As Father Richard Simon says [I’m paraphrasing], “Once you start nationalizing or identifying your Catholicism with a certain country, you lose your Catholicity.”

Me, I’m a Catholic who happens to be a ManHusbandDad, American, and Texan. I’m a Catholic Texan. If I move, I will be a Catholic Oklahoman (or wherever). My Catholicity travels with me, because it is part of my soul, my very being.

So that’s really why my political musings belong here on this web site. Plus, The Church encourages us to be politically involved.

I love the Pope. And I think he is wrong on some things. As a politician and political leader – he is the King of the sovereign nation called Vatican City, after all – he has political positions that have to do with the welfare of his physical State and his global constituency – which happens to be 1.2 billion people! The Pope is not infallible on such things and will never declare himself or his political statement infallible in those regards, nor will the Magisterium. The Pope will never tell you how to vote with authority to excommunicate if you do not toe the line (although some of us wish he would!).

See, that’s the beauty of the Catholic faith. We’re a family, and families disagree on lots of things. I don’t disagree with the Holy Father on anything as matters of Faith, and no practical Catholic does. For instance, abortion is wrong. If you say you are Catholic and believe that abortion – any kind for any reason – is okay, then by definition you are not Catholic or in Communion with The Church. You are personally excommunicating yourself to some degree, separating yourself from the Church which Jesus Christ founded. The Church isn’t going anywhere – that’s why John or Jane Doe may be fallen away Catholics and the Church is not a fallen away John or Jane Doe.

But the Pope and I can disagree all day and neither one be right or wrong but still love each other and agree to continue to have the discussion as we look for the best possible solution in an imperfect world.

I guess my re-assertion into the political ring is because I can’t do this ManHusbandDad thing in a one-dimensional way. I’m not Patrick Madrid, Matthew Kelly, Drew Mariani, Doug Barry or any of the myriad men you know about on Radio or EWTN or in their books or on their blogs – I have warts. I think these guys do, too, but we can’t see them and they don’t stand up and show them to us, which I’m okay with, but I need to be all of me or none of me (the latter which I have lots of experience in) if I am going to be in the public eye – even if it is just a small public. I should be seen as I am, not as I tell you that you should be or even as you may perceive me to be. We are all on this ManHusbandDad journey together, and being real with you is the same as being real with my Boyz.

When I told The Boyz I was being called to this ManHusbandDad thing they reluctantly and hesitantly agreed that I should – probably because they did not want to argue with the old angry me. But their reticence told me that God was calling me to something I needed to become – not something that I was anywhere near being…yet.

So I have discovered, discerned, and decided that all of me is what I need to be, because all of me is what is going to be and is becoming a ManHusbandDad – warts and all. It comes down to my own Natural Aptitudes and Moral Clarity and how I am reaching my utmost in them. Again: all of me, or none of me.

I will preach the ideology of ManHusbandDad and, most likely, you will see that I do not always practice it and may even go against it in my blogging about politics. But that does not mean that the Truth of ManHusbandDad is flawed…

It just confirms that I am flawed, and am seeking the goal of perfection for The Lord. I think that is at the crux of the ManHusbandDad philosophy.

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