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Catholics believe that God instituted Marriage. It’s a uniquely human phenomenon that coincides with Nature’s purpose: To propagate the species (To exist). Human beings in the most successful of all civilizations and cultures are the only conscientiously monogamous species, and certainly the only ones who codify it with a moral imperative that coincides specifically with Man’s unique ability to reason. Marriage’s purpose is intended for propagation and continuation of the species, so the two sexes are ordered toward Marriage because it is not Natural for human beings to invent and maintain a foundational and constant societal practice for millennia that is ordered toward our own destruction or extinction- by definition that would be disordered.

Marriage is ordered and purposeful for children because Nature is ordered and purposeful for children, because that is how the human species is continued. This, in a nutshell, is why no human being or human court can change the definition of Marriage. It’s not our word to change. It is, quite literally, written in our DNA with Xs and Ys!

If one wants to be friends with a person of the same sex, Nature and Catholics are not standing in the way. But to legitimize a homosexual relationship – a same sex friendship with a sexual component – by claiming it is designed by Nature, we have to come up with Nature’s purpose for it, not just a scientific observation that it is possible. The argument that it provides companionship is illegitimate, because any friends can provide companionship without the disordered, defective, species-destroying homosexual act that can never produce a child.

Perhaps the argument would be that its purpose of a homosexual act is to provide pleasure. But eating provides pleasure – in fact, if we did not like to eat, we would die. But eating only for a pleasurable purpose would lead to a quick death, as well. How many children would die because they only ate ice cream and chocolate instead of broccoli? In fact, their bodies would tell them through cravings that they need the nutrients of broccoli so that they would overcome their passions and eat the broccoli, eventually, in order to survive – foregoing their pleasure!

Similarly, sex only for pleasure through masturbation; homosexual acts; contracepted; or through sodomy in its various forms or any other non-procreative act is disordered because those acts lead to the death of the species. If everybody magically woke up gay one day, somebody would eventually commit a heterosexual act because of the Natural, instinctive need to propagate – just like the child who would eventually, Naturally incline his behavior toward broccoli instinctively to survive – if this weren’t true our species would have died out long ago once we discovered sugar, or, for that matter, masturbation! Seriously, why go through the hassle of a relationship if you can pleasure yourself? The answer: because of the innate, instinctive Natural need to procreate.

Consider this: We get in an airplane and we say we are flying. But are we really? No. We have made a machine that can manipulate air across artificial structures to produce lift, and we can control that lift. But any bird looking at us would not say we are flying. They would say we are in a machine that is flying. No matter how much we call it “flying,” it isn’t. The Wright Brothers put a Band-Aid on our “defect” of not being able to fly – but we really aren’t flying. We can’t change the Natural definition of flying any more than we can change the Natural definition of Marriage – no matter what Band-Aid we put on a relationship. It’s still defective under the bandage or name society and the courts have co-opted from Nature.

So acceptance of homosexuality, transgenderism, and the countless variations that crop up daily are excuses given and justified by the morally uninspired and by a disingenuous community within scientific circles who don’t actually say what they think they mean. They do not understand that tinkering with Human Nature is not going to change Human Nature – which is what the Church teaches (The Church simply teaches reality – will the intelligentsia and nimrods of nincompoopism be up in arms should the Pope one day state the obvious – that people cannot fly?). Tinkering only puts a bandage on a defect – it does not cure the defect or bring it to as normal as possible, as Nature intends. In the case of transgenderism not only must science and naysayers apply brute force – chemical brute force – to the hormonal environment of the body where every cell is screaming reality at the DNA level while these barbarians attack them with instruments of sub-atomic torture, they must also apply surgical brute force to the organs and physical structure of the body.

That’s not very Natural and, in fact, it is very unnatural and hateful what so-called “live and let live” liberals, atheists, and moral relativists put confused folk through by pressuring them into chemical and surgical mutilation in order to be accepted as “normal” and as “Nature intended.”

Catholics encourage those who are homosexual or otherwise defective to not engage in what is, objectively, disordered behavior based on a Natural defect; but instead seek the Truth of who they are and what their purpose in this unique place and time in infinity and eternity is. God tells us who we are supposed to be – and the Xs and Ys tell no lies. God does not make mistakes, and neither does Nature, because that would mean God is not Perfect and Nature is suicidal. Catholics believe God and Nature are one and the same; others do not. But those who reject the concept or existence of God cannot, fundamentally, reject the existence of Nature and her desire to exist and create things that persist in existence.

Catholics encourage defective people to be who God has made them to be. That’s what we do at ManHusbandDad: Be who you are supposed to be. And guess what?

We are all defective. It is the result of our fallen nature.

As opposed to the hate-filled “progressives” of our time, Catholics are receptive and accepting of individuals regardless of who they are or what they claim to be. Mistaking that charitable, loving receptivity for the lie of supporting a person’s blatantly ignorant worldview is folly. The incumbent sinful, disordered activity by which they merrily skip down the well-worn, wide open path to Hell and its eternal separation from the author of Nature is by objective definition Unnatural, which makes it inherently immoral to practice.

It’s called Sin.

If it is immoral to practice, it is immoral to support. We can’t do that as Catholics just as much as we cannot support it as the human animal. It’s our job to share the Truth that will set folks free! That is why, just as Mother Nature purges defects that stand in her way of existing while embracing evolutionary mutations that bring that existence to more harmonious fulfillment, we Hate the sin, and Love the sinner.

As Faith and Reason both dictate, it’s simply a matter of survival: continuing to exist.

As Nature purposefully intends.

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