Welcome to the relaunch of the podcast. There’s some experimenting going on, so the format will probably evolve a bit, but the content is pretty much what you would expect: unabpologetic and honest.

And a great recipe: Daddy’s Bad to the Bone Pot Chops


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Show Notes

A new intro and various effects, as well as what may become the ManHusbandDad theme song by Sanctus Real are the non-voice parts of the show. Can you name the song or the artist during the outros and intros? These are used in case, some day, somebody wants to put the show on the Radio and needs to take a commercial break. That I should be so lucky, eh?

Oh, and I promised a video of the Stroller Moms…


The legal disclaimer at the end is read by my middle son three weeks shy of his eleventh birthday, after the brief cut from the intro music of “Person of Interest” by Ramin Djawadi, it is read over a bed of an instrumental by Erasure, the music-only version of “Piano Song” off their 1989 album “Wild!”


Title: Courage and Hypocrisy
Artist: Kristofer Cowles, I
Composer: Holy Owned and Operated™
Album: ManHusbandDad™
Year: 2018
Track: Show 4
Genre: Podcast
Length: 46:56
Release Date: 25 January 2018

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