Television as a whole is unworthy of a ManHusbandDad's time. It is universally unclean, seductive, immoral and inappropriate. Even if the content of a program is good, the commercials are not.

That being said, I only watch television programs that have made it to Netflix or another subscription service. We cut the cable in 2012 and use our Internet service to stream Netflix on our Roku. I think it is and recommend it as the only way to go to be able to effectively stop content from coming into your house, home and family that should not be there. Slowly technology will allow us to completely control the content of our television programming - to the point where it probably will not be called television anymore. Until then, be awae that even the V-Chip technology or rating system doesn't control the or rate the content of the commercials. Your children WILL see sex, hear language, and encounter themes you don't want them to if you let them watch appropriately rated programming. And you will, too.

So what I recommend below comes with the caveat and understanding that you are watching it commercial free. The titles of the current shows are linked to their corresponding Wikipedia article. I purposefully do not link to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) so that you aren't subjected to the advertisements.

My criteria for good Television is whether or not it is entertaining without having to be gratuitous regarding sex, language, or themes. The opportunities for such high quality begin to diminish as soon as you look at when MTV went on the air, though the 1980s still had reasonably decent - in all fronts - programming. I personally stopped watching prime time television when Home Improvement went off the air in 1999. It should probably come as no surprise then that the only on-air sitcom I recommend now involves Tim Allen.

As an aside, I have watched other programs long enough to give them a fair shot, or until they go sideways on the sex, language or themes. For instance, I found Big Bang Theory to be hilarious and fun until every episode was about sex. So we stopped watching.

I've tried to list them out by categories. And of course I am open to your suggestions in the comments below!

One last thought: Before you fire up the tablet for some late night watching while you wind down from the day, consider devoting thirty minutes to a book first. It will do a world of good!





  • Last Man Standing | It handles most situations with humor that is not degrading to Husbands and Dads and slves problems with a conservative approach, for the most part. Be prepared to discuss extra-marital sex and its consequences, as well as politics with your children if you choose to watch it with them. It's easy to figure where the dialog is going. Good for Husbands and Wives to watch together, but I don't watch it with my kids because the humor is over their heads and I don't want to have to explain what's so funny every two minutes. Tim Allen and Hector Elzondo make a great team, being straight men for each other.


  • The Andy Griffith Sow
  • Leave It To Beaver
  • Father Knows Best
  • Home Improvement
  • The Cosby Show
  • M*A*S*H
  • Etc... Again, if it is pre-1990 and it is streaming on Netflix, it's a pretty safe bet.




  • Person Of Interest | This show intrigued by its premise but caught my eye because the lead is played by Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ. I had heard that he was strong in his Catholic faith and that gratuitous sex, language and themes may be tempered in his productions. This has meted out in this engaging series. I think I got through more than a season and a half before I heard the first swear word...and those only come every few episodes. Nudty is non-existent and there's not much blood on the occasional shooting. The themes are adlt crimes - cyber, white-collar, blackmail, and pending homicides - all ofwhich Caviezel and his cast are out to stop. Even his character, when required to shoot, tends to knee-cap the perp. Fun and intriguing and great to see how the writers solve problems, I'd recommend this to anyone. Some shows may even be okay for the kids to watch, but you need to watch them first to be sure.


  • Hill Street Blues
  • The A-Team
  • The Fall Guy
  • Quincy
  • Ironside
  • Dragnet
  • Etc... Again, if it is pre-1990 and it is streaming on Netflix, it's a pretty safe bet.




  • Flip or Flop | This is an HGTV show that is a husband andwife team, so it makes for great watching with your spouse. I'm not a big fan of design shows - actually an anti-fan when it comes right down to it - because of the ubiquitous and gratuitous disregard for the name of The Lord. What I mean is that at every reveal the subject always says, "Oh my G--!" Even their kids do. But this show is different. They don't, and they say "Gosh" when it comes up. There's not a bad word spoken either. We don't have to deal with homosexual couples looking for a place to live or anything - it is a heterosexual married couple with two kids running a business. My kind of show!


  • MacGyver
  • Star Trek - all of them
  • Doctor Who - until you get tired of trying to figure things out like we did after season seven
  • Bugs Bunny Roadrunner show
  • Gunsmoke
  • Binanza
  • Dukes of Hazzard
  • Etc... Again, if it is pre-1990 and it is streaming on Netflix, it's a pretty safe bet.


As I come across new shows or want to specifically point out oldies but goodies, I will update this collection.