Resources for The Virtue of Courage

Resources for building your Virtue of Courage and helping others to do the same:


Courageous ( | This movie takes a serious look at the demise of ManHusbandDads in today’s world by following a group of men who discover God’s calling for them as ManHusbandDads. It’ll touch you and inspire you to rise to your Aptitude of Courage. If you are married, watch it with your wife. If you have kids, watch it with them. If you are still discerning God’s calling for you as a Man, watch it with other guys you trust and who are also discerning, or with a Man who is married and/or has children. The important thing: Don’t watch it alone.


Courageous | This song by Casting Crowns is from the movie “Courageous,” linked above. Here is the official video:

This link to download the song from iTunes (which you should do) is here:

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