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Kristofer Cowles is available to speak at conferences, retreats, seminars, benefits , fundraisers and other events – from one hour to a week or more – on the various topics related to ManHusbandDad or customized for you organization’s needs.

500headshot006Keynote Addresses for Conferences, Benefits, Fundraisers, etc.

Kristofer speaks at conferences varying from men and women’s issues to prolife, home schooling and traditional family values. He speaks on topics of current events and how they shape the world view of Fatherhood and parenting, and also is very passionate in his presentation on the sacredness of marriage and the role a Man must take in it, as well as the unambiguous meaning of Dad.


Seminars for Parishes, Organizations, Schools, Retreats, Breakouts

Kristofer teaches many different seminars, and can customize one from scratch for you. The current seminars are listed here, all based on a 45 – 75 minute allotment of time for each session. Seminars are also developed particular to an organization’s needs or event theme.


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If you’d like to have Kristofer come speak, we’d like to help you make that happen! Or maybe you just want to make preliminary contact while you figure out if we can help or not. Well, there’s no obligation or harm in touching base!

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