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Statements of Fact

These are ManHusbandDad’s, the organization’s, Statements of Fact: Who we are and how we do our best to conduct ourselves daily. They are immutable, unchanging, and guided by Natural Law and the author of that Law, God.

These are non-negotiables. We believe that to be a ManHusbandDad, one has to start here.

Conversely, the statements concerning what a ManHusbandDad is not are also immutable, no matter how much someone may claim to the contrary based on their ignorance or refusal to explore further the content of this site or the book, ManHusbandDad: Being Who We Are Supposed to Be), or their desire to be contrarian or downright dishonest about this movement.

ManHusbandDad is…

  1. A Catholic theologically-based philosophy designed to re-establish the dignity of a Man, Husband and Dad by, for the most part, kicking him in the rear-end with the Objective Truth.
  2. Creating an environment that allows Women, Wives and Moms, without fear, consternation, or frustration, to return to Men, Husbands, and Dads the traditional roles and duties that men used to have.
  3. Faith-based lifestyle development in an ongoing manner that always seeks first to determine what the primary duty and responsibility of a ManHusbandDad is by looking to sacred Judeo-Christian scripture and Catholic Church Tradition to determine what our divine and holy role models provide for us in answer to those questions of duty and responsibility.
  4. Constantly scrutinizing Scripture and Tradition and what can be learned from them about what a ManHusbandDad should be, as taught by the lives and works of God, Jesus Christ, and Saint Joseph, as well as other successful Men, Husbands, and Dads revealed through that scripture and tradition.
  5. An Advocate of a society marked by New Feminism, Distributism, and Subsidiarity., which is the Natural Consequence of a ManHusbandDad-rooted society and culture.
  6. Training for boys to become Men and Men to become Husbands and dads that God has called them to be..
  7. Fallible. This is a human institution attempting to promulgate Divine guidance and example and explain and disseminate Church teaching for the purpose of helping men become who we are supposed to be. Any mistake on this web site and in teaching is ours, and ours alone, made by human hands and minds while our hearts seek the Truth.
  8. Ecumenical. Though infused and foundationally set upon the Truth and Tradition promulgated by the Catholic Church for two thousand years, ManHusbandDad is not contrary to any truly Christian or Jewish or major non-Judeo-Christian teachings of proper human – specifically male – behavior. ManHusbandDad is, however, in conflict with the Medina Quran.

ManHusbandDad is NOT…

  1. …Misogynistic.
  2. …Homophobic.
  3. …Racist.
  4. …Socialist.
  5. …Perfect.
  6. …Old-Fashioned.
  7. …Creating, providing, or seeking a quick fix.