It probably does not surprise you that pornography built the Internet.

Or maybe it does surprise you…?

The porn industry is a conglomeration of large production companies, media moguls, and one-time single uploaders. Your neighbor probably has viewed pornography on the Internet. Statistically speaking, we all have.

And, yes, that would mean I would have to fall into that category.

I remember asking my best friend back in high school this question: “If everybody believed something was true, would that mean it was true?”

He and I were non-believers, so we had no concept of absolute Truth or Natural Law. So we had a fun philosophical discussion and then went about our business.

I remember during those teenage years my father asking me this same question over and over again:

“If everybody else jumped off a bridge, would you?”

I know. Sounds quaint. But think about it.

Those two questions bring to mind the idea of pornography on the Internet (thought I’ d gone off on a tangent, didja?):

If everybody else does it, should you; and does that make it right?

Let’s be clear and straight on this. If I found pornography in the possession of one of my children (which includes traces on the computer), then how would I respond?

Ask yourself that question right now. Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Now, how would your parents have responded if they had found the same when you were young? Or how DID they respond?

Okay, good. I think you see the point. But just in case, here’s the next question – which I have to ask because my parents are dead and never told me to stay away from the stuff:

If you, as a parent, have that response to your child, how do you think your Father in Heaven is responding to you?

I’m just asking.

Suffice it to say not enough people are asking that question of themselves, or the porn industry would not be flourishing on the Internet. Now that Social Media is reaching its teenage years, the sex for sale industry is learning to utilize it quite efficiently.

I believe that this actually marks the beginning of the end of smut and pornography as we know it – and whether it crawls back into its hole or steps into broad daylight remains to be seen – because now it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

The nice thing about that from the perspective of reclaiming the building block of society – the family – is that in order to proliferate, the porn industry has had to become a two-way street.

Wait…what? That’s a nice thing from a Man Husband Dad perspective…?


Used to be pornography was delivered in plain brown packages…even the “adult video” stores seemed wrapped in plain brown paper. But now, in order for them to reach the entire globe, they have to be visible, too.

And that’s where we get them. That’s how we know how to send messages of chastity, faith, and the pure Love of God into those dark back alleys of the Information Superhighway.

Jesus did not wait for the children or the poor or sick to come to Him. Though he said we should not stand in the way of those who seek Him, He certainly went out to find them.

One of the things I like most about what we do at Man Husband Dad – and what you can do as a Man Husband Dad – is that we can jump into conversations that used to be whispered at the bar or joked about in the garage. We can spread the Good News to people who have been sucked into the culture of death and despair and give them a shining light to follow. A well-placed tweet to a self-identified porn consumer with a link to a saving apostolate like RECLAIM, and the positive effects are boundless and uncountable.

We shine that candle into the darkness, and suddenly, people see The Way out.



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