I came across this article linked on The Drudge Report:

I was intrigued by Drudge’s headline, which for once actually matched the headline of the article it linked to, so I actually read the thing. I had no idea who James Deen was – and still don’t, I am sure, since the chances are that isn’t his real name – but evidently he’s famous for taking his clothes off and doing things with and to women on camera that he gets paid for.

When pornography was a big deal for my set, we didn’t know who the people were. Heck, I don’t even remember credits, let alone reading them!

And it was an industry where anonymity was the norm, because it was a shameful profession done by people of low moral standards and in need of cash.

It still is. The only difference is that society has lowered its standards to make such a thing normal and acceptable.

But before I go off on a tangent best served in other articles at other times, I want to address one thing that seems to have reared its ugly head here, as exposed by Mr. Deen himself. (Those double entendres were intended.)

The headline, “Porn Star James Deen’s Crisis of Conscience,” gives a clue to it:

Truth is alive and well, and the King of Concupiscence is its standard bearer, screaming it right from the throne room of the Dictatorship of Relativism: The Pornography Industry.

The innocuous (yet telling) quote from Deen is, “It’s the first time in my entire career that I’ve ever had an ethical dilemma with what I do.”

Of a sudden, a conscience is recognized by this child who peddles addictive substances to other children. As a six year-old might realize that his lying actually hurts someone else instead of benefiting him; this boy recognizes that his actions have consequences.

It’s an indication and proof-positive that God is inescapably all around and within all of us.

The Catholic Church teaches that an informed Conscience is God’s constant communication with us. It’s how He imparts His Wisdom upon us in great quantity.

How could it be that this boy has spent so long in the porn slums and still achieved a bit of a concern for what he does and who has access to it? I mean, the Sultan of Slut himself, Hugh Heffner, said of Deen just a few short years ago: “I found him to be open but not exactly deep. He had little interest in analyzing his own career or interrogating the norms of his industry.”

I encourage you to read the article. You may have to avert your eyes at some of the language in the quotes, and it isn’t something for you to share with your children except to sock away in your own informed conscience.

Know that God IS everywhere, including in the darkest secret rooms of the pornography trade. While a gateway to sex slavery and prostitution, drugs and untold human suffering and destitution, as well as objectifying women and denying their femininity, we can be assured that God is there, ready for anybody who pauses for a moment and honestly thinks about what they are doing.

And that means He is right there with you, in the middle of the night, when your Husband or Wife is asleep right next to you and you think they don’t know what you are looking at on your iPad. NEWSFLASH: If I know, they know.

And like James Deen, you know it is wrong, on so many levels. You have a crisis of conscience every time you think about it, let alone engage in it.

Perhaps one day Deen will become the spokesperson for eliminating pornography – a Rebel With a Cause. I pray for his continued conversion.

God will be there when Deen is ready. He already is there, niggling away.

Isn’t He?

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