Men, by default and definition, are living proof of Truth. So are Women…but I’m not an expert on them!

Getting down to brass tacks, no matter how we slice it, something started us. Something created Man. Even if one is a denier or skeptic of Intelligent Design and the biggest cheerleader for Evolution – which of course the Church does not deny (bet you thought otherwise!) – we have to admit that it all started somewhere. We each go back a gazillion generations…but we started somewhere.

Some say it was the Big Bang – which we all know was proposed by a Catholic Priest – but then we have to admit that if there was a Big Bang…there must have been a Big Banger.

What this all comes down to is a Natural Law: Actions have consequences.

All actions have consequences. There is no way something can be done without something else happening as a result of that first something.

It is on this fact that I believe men, and in particular Catholic Men, have to base the reality of their entire lives. Others may choose not to, but a Catholic Man knows there are consequences to NOT ascribing to this fact and those consequences are Sin and its ultimate destination – Hell. And though others may choose not to ascribe to it, the neat little thing about our ordered little Universe is that they, too, are subject to its laws and so subject to the consequences of Sin: Hell.

It’s a kind of neat and tidy package. Whether we believe in gravity or not, we will still go “splat” on the pavement if we choose to jump off a fifteen story building. Natural Law – God’s Law – is immutable. we can’t change it.

Whether we believe that Actions have Consequences does not change the reality that Actions, in fact, do have Consequences. Disbelieve all you want.

So the first order of business when it comes to being a Catholic Man is to acknowledge that this Natural Law of Consequences exists, is immutable, and that all are subject to it despite their belief in it.

Which leads us to Truth, which is the cement in Catholic Vocations that Men have. Whether a Catholic is to be a Husband, a Dad, a Priest, Deacon, or Brother, or any combination of these, he must first be a Catholic Man.

Truth is what binds the components of a man together, making him whole and complete, upon which the vocations discerned can be built. Without Truth, a Man cannot be Catholic and therefore cannot be a Husband, Dad, Priest, Deacon or otherwise.

Seek the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free. The Truth leads one to the Catholic Church which in turn leads one to the creator of Truth, God. The Catholic Church, by the power of the Holy Spirit promised to it by Jesus Christ, leads without deceit. And that was promised, I think, because Jesus wanted us to know exactly what the Truth was…so why not give us, his Church, the means by which to access it?

It is the Church, in her millennia of prayer, study and experience that is our guide to the Truth, and if she guides us to the Truth and we find it and practice it, then we accomplish the first part of being who we must be before we can be anything else: A Man.

If Truth is God’s creation, and the Church guides us to God, and if we practice that truth as best as possible, we will become the best we are supposed to be. We are made in God’s image, so we are supposed to be as best an image of Him as we can – so if God is Truth then the closer we align ourselves with Truth the closer we come to being what He created us to be: In His Image.

Only when we accept and put into practice in our daily lives that immutable Truth as our binding force in our decisions and actions will we become Man created in His image beyond our fallen nature. And only when we do that can we then be the best at the vocations that only men can be: Husbands and Dads.

So we will explore in future posts the Truths that a Man must, in my opinion, accept and know in order to be a Catholic Man before he can be a Husband and a Dad.

Truths that the Catholic Church teaches, that are in perfect accord with Natural Law.



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