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Father Richard Simon of Relevant Radio fame and known as the Reverend Know-It-All, has already described our current culture and time as a glorious age of martyrdom on the radio several times, and I confess to being a disciple of sorts of his.

One of the beauties of the Catholic Faith is that it is perfect. Another beauty of it is that the people who practice it are not. So, like a big family, we have all sorts of folks and none of us agree on most things. Like a family, that is allowed and encouraged. Defiance, especially ignorant defiance, is not encouraged, and when some knowledge that contradicts the stance of the Church is learned by someone, they are expected to bring it to the Church.

When they don’t, things can go awry and we begin to fight amongst ourselves instead of against the intrinsic evils of so many aspects of modern life.

So I am going to talk about guns in Church. This is a topic Father Simon and I disagree on, and one that several Bishops in my own state of Texas rail against and therefore prohibit. Fortunately, I live in a Diocese where the carrying of firearms is left to each individual parish – and my parish allows carrying of firearms, which many of us do. Some openly, some not.

So what I may say here s not to incite open disobedience of your Shepherd. If you cannot defend yourself in Church due to Diocese policy, I encourage you to enter into dialog with your Bishop. He is a reasonable man and will listen to your concerns. Perhaps some of them will be laid out here.

The killing of Saint Jacques Hamel a week ago in France while he celebrated Mass brings this discussion to the forefront. Among many, the Catholic Church has an enemy: Islam.

Again, I implore you to look up the fact that the later, violent Medina verses of the Koran abrogate the earlier, peaceful Mecca verses. It is a simple fact and reality, no matter how much any person may claim that Islam is a peaceful religion. Those who practice that “peaceful” or “moderate” form are not practicing Islam at all. It would be like saying a Baptist is a Catholic. It just ain’t so.

Islam is not a new enemy to Catholicism. Muslims declared war on the Church nearly 1000 years before the Protestants declared war on Her, and the Crusades to beat back the horde were a constant part of life for centuries.

Eventually, the tide was turned, and the Church held the Islamic storm at bay primarily with the Mediterranean Sea as the barrier and principalities that, after everything was said and done, realized what Napoleon exhortated on June 5, 1800, to the Clergy of Milan:

I am sure that the Catholic religion is the only religion that can make a stable community happy, and establish the foundations of good government…France has had her eyes opened through suffering, and has seen that the Catholic religion is the single anchor amid storms.

It is with this discord in mind – the rift between Catholicism and Islam – that I will share in this series of articles how, despite the protestations of the left and even Pope Francis himself, Catholics ARE at war with Islam.

For it is at war with us. Which is why we need guns in Church.

Next week: History and ignorance repeat…

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