For the past week since the Obama Administration put out their threat to every public school in America that if they don’t allow boys who identify as a girl to use the girls’ bathroom, they will lose their federal funding, I’ve heard lots of arguments against it, and some pretty stupid justifications for it. They’ve all been pretty one-sided dealing with the safety of women, girls, and children.

That argument offends me.

What’s most distressing about this is that the argument about the safety of females, young and old, as well as children, is predicated on the idea that only men and boys are capable of being sexual predators.

I see memes about cowboys who will stand guard when their daughter goes into the bathroom. I hear of men saying they will go into the bathroom with their daughter to keep other men out, or women who will keep the pepper spray handy.

Meanwhile, nobody is paying attention to the women who will be going into the boy’s room to prey on the young men and boys in there.


Sexual predators come in all manner of being – male and female. An adult female can overpower a young boy just as easily as an adult male can overpower a young girl. Even teenage boys are vulnerable to the mental manipulations of an older woman – an experience I had as a young, new employee at the first McDonald’s I worked at when I was 16.

A friend of a friend on facebook mentioned that it should be okay because we haven’t worried about pedophiles being in the same bathroom with our boys since forever, why is it such a big deal if they are in the girls’ room now? Well, here’s a newsflash: Pedophiles are deviant in their sexual attraction to young people. They are not typically attracted to young people of the same gender. Are people really that ignorant that they think these are the only two facts?

  1. Only men and boys can be predators;
  2. Pedophiles are attracted to both genders regardless of their own gender

I think what torques me the most is that, as I listen to the two major Catholic networks, nobody has mentioned the danger to young boys and men. The danger is, I believe, in more real because nobody is paying attention to it.

Males can be raped by females. If you don’t believe it, you’re probably a feminist sexist and you haven’t gotten this far in this article anyway.

For the radical feminist movement, you have to take the bad along with the good. You have to admit that female predators are just as likely to take advantage of these bathroom de-genderings as male predators.

The institutional bigotry is fascinating – and nobody is noticing it. I understand that folks will say “vast majority” and “typical;” when it comes to the argument so as to justify why they are only talking about women and girls being vulnerable in this policy argument – but it really is a slight – no, a damning – upon men and boys in general when we only declare them as the possible perpetrators of sexual evil in this world.

I hope it doesn’t take a criminal act in a men’s room to wake folks up when they are talking about the bad idea of gender-identity bathroom use. It’s a bad idea for everyone, not just half the population.

While women and girls and children will be the target of sexual predators, they won’t be the only targets. It offends me that men and boys are left out of this argument. Where’s the equality in that? If we teach our children that only men can be sexual predators and deviants, we run a grave risk of pushing it into the shadows, where it will only proliferate under the guise that it doesn’t happen.

And I find that offensive.

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