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My name is Kristofer Cowles, and I am the author of the Truth, Love, and Consequences blog. I am also the founder of ManHusbandDad™, which is dedicated to reclaiming the family, society, and the world at large. We do this primarily by reminding Men, Husbands, and Dads of who they are supposed to be.

This forum is an extension of that website. It fulfills several purposes: First and foremost, it reveals that I am not the perfect ManHusbandDad and am on this journey myself. My flaws and warts surely show through every word I write. It also allows me to share some insights on the world around us in a manner that can add depth to the thoughts my book, ManHusbandDad – Being Who We Are Supposed To Be In A World That Hates Us.

I make every attempt to keep the articles within the categories of Man, Husband, and Dad and, if I am in the zone, I might get one or two that actually cover all three categories! When what I have to say does not fit any of those categories, they wind up in the IMT2BHO (“In My Trying To Be Humble Opinion”) which is the category I use as an excuse for my more political concerns and general complaints about “If only the world were just like me.”

Much of this blog will make little sense if you are unfamiliar with the ManHusbandDad idea, so I do suggest you get to know it (and me) better by visiting ManHusbandDad.com’s home page or picking up the book once it is available so you’ll know what sort of thinking went into a particular article. Of course you can dive right in and comment all you’d like…my reply may point you toward the MHD website, though, to help in clarifying things.

Please remember the Rules of Engagement when you express yourself in commenting on this website. I hope you will participate- it’s more fun and helpful to my growth (and hopefully others’) as a MHD than just hearing myself talk!

Oh, and yes, this is for everybody – men and women of all bents and exasperations. I come with a Catholic spirit and theology, unapologetically, and your perspective can be nothing but beneficial to the rest of us in this place, at this time. After all, “The way of the fool seems right in his own eyes, but he who listens to advice is wise.” (Proverbs 12:15)

 As a reminder, I’m available to speak at conferences, benefits, retreats and other events as keynoter, panelist, seminar presenter, and contributor on the topics ofFamily, raisig children, home schooling, Men, Husbands, Dads and how those who love them can support the formation of a ManHusbandDad. I speak to women’s groups as much as to men’s and mixed groups and people of all faiths and lifestyles. Family life, raising children, Marriage, and the gamut of domestic challenges faced by people today is a part of what I do, and I’m glad for your inquiry if I might fit into your next program or event.

On the personal side, I enjoy writing, poker, a good cigar, Jack Daniel’s, and traveling, but I love being the Husband of Beth and Dada to The Boyz the most! There’s more specifically about me here.

Okay, that’s my story. Remember: Be who you are supposed to be!

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Is it sacrifice or saving?

I have given up email and facebook for Lent. Email is harder. Facebook will be difficult because I help some clients on facebook, but I’ve managed a happy medium on that. No facebook for fun – just profit! ,) I have had an email address of my own since 1992, non-stop....

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The age of narcissism

But in a world where the very devices consumers are engaging each other on start with the letter “I”, it’s important to remember that, though it seems so new, the combat with narcissism is millennia old.

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Donut Wholes

The juxtaposition with what he is saying and what he isn’t saying is a tremendous pull on my heart. Everything he said was the difference between his two sets of grandparents.

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Some things will never change

The Church has always gone where the sinners are, as Jesus went, like to the sick a physician goes – to heal those who are ill. Jesus never said that the doctor wasn’t sick, too…he just said the physician comes to heal the sick.

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The American Magna Carta Is 394 Years Old Today

The what? The Magna Carta, or Great Charter, was signed by King John, son of Henry IV and brother to Richard The Lionheart, in the year 1215. Forced to acknowledge and grant rights to the landed barony of Britannia, John wound up reneging on the Magna Carta some half...

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1, 2, 3 Not it!

The last time, my youngest was actually last, and the new kid made a big deal about it guffawing and harping. So my youngest told him that he had always been last in the other times and should be “it” instead of my boy.

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The business of our pleasure

It probably does not surprise you that pornography built the Internet. Or maybe it does surprise you…? The porn industry is a conglomeration of large production companies, media moguls, and one-time single uploaders. Your neighbor probably has viewed pornography on...

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What makes Veterans so important

Today is Veteran’s Day in America. A Veteran makes a simple decision that takes a lot of discernment. He or she simply says “Yes” to the question “Will you serve your country?” It’s the discernment that goes into the decision that makes a Veteran important. The first...

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The Cavecrab Corollary Conundrum

We offer Social Media marketing services to Apostolates through my company, Exposure Strategies. We always provide it below our cost, and we only work with Apostolates. Sometimes we do it for free. In fact most of the time, actually, we do it for free. I get...

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The measure of a Dad

I get asked a lot, “How do I know if I am being a good Dad?” It’s an easy question to ask, and most folks think it is hard to answer. And it is, until you see where the answer lay. It is family legend that tells of me carrying around a small notebook after I met my...

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