If you are looking for a simple definition of a vocation, the literal meaning of the word is a “call.”

But a vocation is more than an ordinary call. A vocation is a call from God, and anyone who has felt God’s call knows that the process of discerning and understanding that call is anything but simple. While most people think of a vocation as what they are called to DO in life, it is important to understand that the first and most important call from God is a call to BE.

This is your calling, as a Human Being: Be Perfect. We must understand this before understanding or properly discerning any vocation The Lord is calling us to. If you have not discovered it already, click on the quote above to understand exactly what is meant by Perfect, how we are called to be perfect, and why it is a simple thing – though not easy – and necessary for our ability to properly discern the unique role God has for us at this specific time in this specific place.

Not everyone is called to the ManHusbandDad vocation. For instance, no woman is called to be a Man, Husband, or Dad. She may, however, be thrust into having to do ManHusbandDad tasks due to the failing of a man to be a ManHusbndDad..

Every boy – every male child – is called to at least be a Man.

A Man, then, may be called to be one of two things: a Husband, or to lead a single, chaste and celibate life.

If a Man is called to be a Husband, he is also being called to be a Dad. If he is called to the single life, he may further be called to a life of service in ministry as a priest or religious servant.

But all who are called to the Dad vocation are called to be a Husband before that and a Man first.

The vast majority of boys are called to be ManHusbandDads.

The “Being a Man” button on the left begins the exploration of the ManHusbandDad idea that explains each ManHusbandDad vocation more in depth (you can also find them site-wide at the top menu). Starting with the Man button will lead you into Husband and then Dad, so you will not need to return here. Take them in order, since they build sequentially.

There is no shortcut.