What is ManHusbandDad?

An Idea

ManHusbandDad is an idea that makes men who they are supposed to be. At ManHusbandDad.com, our role in that idea is to help men realize the image of God that He wants them to be. This idea is a manifestation of Natural Law written by God to ensure success for those who follow it. That success is defined as attaining eternal life in Heaven and being Joyful in our being that image of Him here on Earth:

Who we are supposed to be.

A ManHusbandDad’s success is revealed in his attainment of Heaven and helping others do the same, particularly those to whom he has been charged, by God, the responsibility of them knowing Him. It is not a success fully realized in life or necessarily even recognized by others. A ManHusbandDad in his conscience knows if he is succeeding, and he knows God knows, too. Acknowledging and following Natural Law – God’s Law – creates a ManHusbandDad and brings the ManHusbandDad to eternal Joy and Happiness in the presence of God in Heaven.

In the pages that follow and in the ManHusbandDad idea, differentiation is made between a “man” and a “Man;” “husband” and “Husband;” and “dad” or “father” and “Dad.” And even a ManHusbandDad and a Man, a Husband, and a Dad, which are the Vocations that make up a ManHusbandDad.

This Idea – this Natural Law – might come across as old-fashioned, dated, medieval, or some other word that indicates it is an idea whose time is long gone, run its course, or otherwise become out-dated. In today’s culture anything that is unrelated to immediate gratification, pleasure, or narcissism is bound to appear that way.

But Society and Culture do not determine whether or not a Natural Law is True. Natural Law transcends that – for instance, gravity has and always will be a constant, immutable Natural Law, unaffected by opinion.

The Natural Law of ManHusbandDad is that focusing on BEING instead of DOING creates predictable positive consequences for individuals, families, and societies. The components to being a ManHusbandDad are:

  • Moral Clarity through Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental Aptitudes
  • Twelve Righteous Virtues
  • Matrimonial Sacrifices
  • Abba Aptitudes
  • Wisdom

Each of these components has predictable results when observed and lived, just as any Natural Laws do.

The predictable result, the positive consequence, is male human beings

This Natural Law of ManHusbandDad has been around since Day One and will be around until the end of time. It has been written about and practiced by individuals for millennia. Only recently has it not only been ignored, but actively slaughtered.

[Statements of Fact]| [A Grain of Salt](Excerpted from the book: ManHusbandDad: Being Who We Are Supposed to Be)

A Vocation

The literal meaning of Vocation is “a call.”

But a vocation is more than an ordinary call. A vocation is a call from God, and anyone who has felt God’s call knows that the process of discerning and understanding that call is anything but simple. If it’s simple it’s probably because it was done much like I did a few years ago – left the conversation before God was done speaking. While most people think of a vocation as what they are called to DO in life, it is important to understand that the first and most urgent call from God is a call to BE.

Once God’s desire for who He wants a person to be is discerned, He reveals what He wants that person to do in order to fulfill who He wants them to be.

ManHusbandDad is a lifestyle and idea, something that has been a part of humankind’s history since the Beginning. All of that is wrapped up in the Vocation of ManHusbandDad, which is revealed and expressed outwardly by the ManHusbandDad lifestyle and idea. The Vocation is an inward calling manifested outwardly, exactly like one is called to be a Priest and after formation – inward development and discernment – it is expressed and revealed outwardly.

  • Not everyone is called to the ManHusbandDad vocation. For instance, no woman is called to be a Man, Husband, or Dad, because God does not call someone to be something they naturally are incapable of being.
  • Every boy – every male child – is called to be a Man. From that foundation, one can discern the following:
  • A Man may be called to be one of two things: a Husband, or to lead a single, chaste and celibate life.
  • If a Man is called to be a Husband, he is also being called to be a Dad. If he is called to the single life, he may further be called to a life of service in ministry as a priest or religious servant. A Single Man is not called to be a Dad.
  • All who are called to the Dad vocation are called to be a Husband before that and a Man first. Nobody is called to be a Dad without first being called to be a Husband and nobody is called to be a Husband without first being called to be a Man.
  • The vast majority of boys are called to be ManHusbandDads.

The ManHusbandDad journey focuses on developing the discerning Mind (Mental), Body (Physical), Heart (Emotional), and Soul (Spiritual) for the material and immaterial Vocations of Man, Husband and Dad, as well as the Single life.7

Something radical and controversial may be in the bullet-list above, at least to some people. The fact that it may engender a few “No he didn’t!” or “Wait…what?!” moments with those words only speaks to the fact that what was from the Beginning and for millennia normal has now become radical, controversial and perhaps even designated as “hate speech.” It will be a constant conflict in this book. Truth versus being tolerant of untrue, even evil ideas and behavior.


  • No woman is called to be a Man, Husband, or Dad; and
  • Nobody is called to be a Dad without first being called to be a Husband and nobody is called to be a Husband without first being called to be a Man.

[MORE…](Excerpted from the book: ManHusbandDad: Being Who We Are Supposed to Be)


A Man

Being a Man requires Moral Clarity through the Four Natiral Aptitudes and Virtuous Living. This section of the site coincides with Part One of the book, ManHusbandDad: Being Who We Are Supposed to Be, and explores these factors as well as the process of discerning a calling to BE a Man.

(Here’s a hint – if you were born with a standalone…)


A Husband

Only a male can be a Man, and only a Man can be a Husband. That’s a Natural Law that no amount of opinion will change. This section coincides with Part Two of the book, ManHusbandDad: Being Who We Are Supposed to Be, and explores the Matrimonial Sacrifices rewuired of any Man discerning the calling to BE a Husband.


A Dad

Being a Dad is part of being a Husband. Natural Law forbids Men to be fathers without being Husbands first. If a Man is not called to be a Dad, then he is not being called to be a Husband, either. This section coincides with Part Three of the book, ManHusbandDad: Being Who We Are Supposed to Be, and explores the Abba Aptitudes, Wisdom, and the Fear of The Lord required to BE a Dad.



Jesus drives out the monet changers

Masculinity only comes through Moral Clarity and Virtuous Living

DOING what it takes to BE a Man is difficult in today’s cultures and societies. It was tough for Jesus to be a Man 2000 years ago, too. If we are called to be like Him, we must be willing to stand out and often be seen as a pariah, hater, misogynist, homophobe or something else we aren’t. We must stand for Truth and most of us are unprepared for that, having been raised to be weak or bullied into defering to the politically correct whims of the media and progressives. These resources will help “gird your loins” and learn how to be Merciful and Just while refusing to tolerate or participate in the moral decay of today’s world. Leading our society to its own Moral Clarity begins here…

Not a Man but love someone who can or should be? These resources are for you, too!

Holy Matrimony is achieved by Living the Seven Sacrifices Daily

DOING what it takes to BE a Husband first entails BEING a Man. Becoming who we are supposed to be as Men is the foundation upon which being a Husband is built, and the resources available to Husbands are limited because the world hates and vilifies Husbands. We can only become Husbands if we are Men first, and building upon and continuing to use those Man Resources is a vital part of that foundation. In this section we provide valuable resources to Men who are discerning Matrimony as well as to Husbands. The Sacrificial commitment to reclaim the fundamental building block of society, The Family, begins here…

Not a Husband but love someone who can or should be? These resources are for you, too!

Dads Gain Wisdom and All Things in Fear of The Lord

The barren desert that Dads find themselves in today, without ally, armor, or armament is a tragic result of the willful destruction of the family by progressives and radical feminists who insist that Dads are not necessary in a modern society. The last half-century has seen Dads excommunicated from culture, ridiculed by media, and emasculated by governments – with our complete consent and blessing. These resources are for Dads, Man and Husbands coming to the discernment of being a Dad, and those who may have fallen short and want toreclaim their vocation as Dad. They build on the resources for Men and Husbands, so that Dads can finish the job here…

Not a Dad but love someone who can or should be? These resources are for you, too!

Truth, Love, and Consequences

The ManHusbandDad Blog

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Is There a Place For The Consecrated Life in the ManHusbandDad Vocation?

Society believes that having sex makes you a man, while in reality, being faithful to Christ’s teachings, including the virtue of chastity, makes you a Man. By seeing celibacy as a gift, not just a dictate by the Church, it frees a man and allows him to remain faithful to his vows, and beget many spiritual children.

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Conclusion: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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